QB Commitment Cotton Still High On Tigers?

Raymond Cotton Sr. discusses Tony Franklin's dismissal as Auburn's offensive coordinator and how it affects his son.

Fort Meade, Md.--With the news of Tony Franklin's firing as Auburn's offensive coordinator on Wednesday, the question soon arose about how committed offensive players would take the news. One of the biggest question marks surrounded four-star quarterback commitment Raymond Cotton.

Choosing the Tigers back in the spring, Cotton was one of the first guys on board and has been very vocal about his desire to play in the spread offense. Not surprisingly his phone has been ringing off the hook all night but his father Raymond Cotton Sr. took the time to talk with Inside The Auburn Tigers about their thoughts on the breaking news concerning Franklin.

"We want to talk about it this weekend," Cotton says. "We want to talk to Coach (Tommy) Tuberville. Right now I'll say he's committed to Auburn University and not Tony Franklin. He did have a desire to play in the spread but he definitely committed to the university. We're going to talk about it this weekend but we want to talk to coach Tuberville first just to make sure Auburn is committed to him.

"Once we talk with coach Tuberville we definitely feel at this point if they say Auburn University is committed to the Cotton family and when that is said there is no doubt he'll be signing with Auburn in February."

With a game coming up on Friday, Cotton Sr. says he's tried to keep Raymond off the phone as much as possible. That hasn't been easy though as fellow commitments such as Philip Lutzenkirchen, LaVoyd James and others have been in contact with him trying to gauge his feelings.

"All of his buddies in Alabama are texting him," Cotton Sr. says. "He's gotten about seven or eight from Lutzenkirchen and LaVoyd James and Jonathan Evans down at Blount. All of these guys are texting each other. I don't know if it's a little bit of irony, but initially all of their text messages were about how they were still committed. In the last half hour, a couple of guys and I won't call names, have said they didn't really want to be in an offense that runs the ball 80 percent of the time."

Following Wednesday's practice Tuberville stated that he likes the spread offense and plans to continue doing that in the future. Cotton Sr. says that is good to hear but he's got to hear it personally to make sure.

"That's what Ray needs to hear but we want to hear it from coach Tuberville," he notes.

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