Lutzenkirchen Discusses Franklin Firing

Four-star tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen of Lassiter (Marietta, Ga.) High School cited Tony Franklin as a key reason for committing to Auburn in the spring. Find out what Lutzenkirchen had to say on the day Franklin was fired.

ITAT: How did you find out about Franklin and what was your reaction?
Lutzenkirchen: My coach (Chip Lindsay) at school actually told me. It was probably around 6ish, or 5:30. I was just surprised. It's kind of uncommon to fire a first-year coach midway through the season. I haven't had a chance to speak with any of the coaches down there, so I'm not really sure what to think yet.

ITAT: So you're just waiting in limbo until you hear from the Auburn coaches?
Lutzenkirchen: Yeah.

ITAT: Have you talked to any of the other Auburn recruits so far?
Lutzenkirchen: I talked to Raymond (Cotton) about 30 minutes ago and I've been texting with Brandon Jacobs throughout the day.

ITAT: What has Brandon Jacobs said?
Lutzenkirchen: He's kind of like me. He doesn't know what the whole deal is and is just waiting on the coaches to talk to him, I guess.

ITAT: We talked to Raymond's dad today and he said Raymond was going to stick with Auburn. Is that what he told you?
Lutzenkirchen: Yes.

ITAT: Being able to talk to those guys, does that affect you any? Does it help you decide what you're going to do or is it still a matter of talking to the coaches?
Lutzenkirchen: I'm still committed to Auburn. It would just be a lot better for me to sit down and talk with the coaches. But I consider Raymond and Brandon my friends, so it's definitely reassuring talking to them. Raymond told me that he still wants me to go down there. I really haven't had a thought that I'm not going to Auburn. It's just kind of been shocking. I really don't know what to think about it yet.

ITAT: Is it a situation where you get attached and it's more about the school than it is the person or the offense?
Lutzenkirchen: That's definitely true.

ITAT: I know you've got a lot of friends in Auburn and you've visited Auburn a ton of times, how much is that going to play into it?
Lutzenkirchen: Not as much as me feeling comfortable with the scheme and the coaches. Like I've said, I still love everything about Auburn. I'm still committed there and I'm hoping everything works out. If it doesn't and the coaches feel like I should keep my options open, then I guess I'll look at other schools. But I hope and pray that everything works out with Auburn.

ITAT: How is your season going so far?
Lutzenkirchen: It's good. We're 4-1 and we're in second place in our region. It's just totally different from last year. At this point I believe we were 1-4. It's just the total opposite.

ITAT: What about your stats?
Lutzenkirchen: I think I have 25 catches for right around–I'm not sure–400 yards? And three touchdowns.

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