"No reason to panic" Says Bosley

Auburn senior tackle Jason Bosley discusses the loss to Arkansas.

Saturday night, minutes after Auburn suffered a heartbreaking home loss to Arkansas, senior right tackle Jason Bosley said there is no need to panic.

Sure, he admits, it's been a rough week.

Last weekend Auburn lost to Vanderbilt, which has never happened in his lifetime. Many Auburn fans thought it wasn't even possible. In that game, Auburn racked up 11 penalties; about half of those were credited to the offensive line. Between the penalties and the poor offensive play, it was going to be a long week in practice for the offensive line anyway. Then, things really got interesting when offensive coordinator, Tony Franklin, was fired on Wednesday. For the rest of the week, tight ends coach Steve Ensminger and head coach Tommy Tuberville took over the offense.

It didn't work.

Saturday night, Auburn's offense struggled again, earning only eight yards of total offense on 21 plays in the first quarter. Fans likely thought that wasn't possible, either. The Tigers finished the game with only 193 yards of offense (Arkansas had 416) and a 25-22 home loss to a mediocre 2-3 Arkansas team.

Still, Bosley said it wasn't time to worry yet.

"We've just got to go out there and trust the coaches," he said. "They work their butts off, and we work our butts off. There is no reason to panic."

Later, he said it again.

"You've got to trust your coaches," he said. "They work hard. You've got to go out there and do your best. We've got to work on the little things. It's the little things that are getting us."

Bosley said Wednesday, the day of Franklin's firing, was full of confusion and questions. "A lot of unknown," he said. We had a team meeting. My phone kept ringing and people were saying stuff."

He found out at the meeting that Franklin had been fired. When asked about the rumors flying that Franklin had a meltdown in Tuesday's practice, he said only that practice was "intense" that day. He quickly added with a grin that, "It was intense Wednesday, too."

He did say Franklin had been "animated" at Tuesday's practice. "But I've seen him animated like that before," he said. "A lot of coaches are animated in practice." Bosley said Franklin's mid-week firing had absolutely nothing to do with Auburn's loss to the Razorbacks.

"I thought we had a great game plan," Bosley said. "We didn't do a lot with the looks we had. I don't know what happened. We couldn't get a rhythm. We were close. We've got to find a way to get it down the field and get our defense off the field. We keep getting closer and closer. We've got to get over the hump."

Though the Auburn team has struggled mightily this season, particularly on offense, Bosley said everyone has pulled together. No one is pointing fingers. No one is calling anyone out.

Thursday night before the Arkansas game, seniors stood up and talked to the team during the usual pre-game meeting. Friday night, the team had its regular prayer meeting.

Players are encouraging each other, he said.

"The defense was pulling for the offense. The offense was pulling for the defense," he said. "Everybody was one tonight. Everybody played as hard as he can. We just came up short."

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