AU Senior Hacked Off About Loss

Jason Bosley doesn't hide his feelings about the end of Auburn's winning streak vs. the Tide.

Birmingham, Ala.--For Jason Bosley the loss to Alabama hurt enough to really hack off the senior center.

Bosley passionately wanted to extend his team's winning streak vs. the Tide to seven straight, but No. 1 Alabama overwhelmed the Tigers with a 36-0 victory on Saturday.

"It is probably the toughest thing I have ever had to go through coming from where we have come from and winning like we have, and then my senior year go 5-7 and struggling like we have with the effort we gave all year," Bosley said. "It is definitely tough."

Auburn trailed 10-0 at halftime, but destroyed its chances for an upset with three second half fumbles.

"The turnovers killed us," said Bosley, who played through multiple injuries this season. "A couple of big mistakes in a game like this and it can get away quick against a good team like that and that is what happened. You just can't do that and expect to win."

Head coach Tommy Tuberville took the blame for the loss, but Bosley said, "The bottom line is players have to execute no matter what you are doing and we didn't do that this year.

"I have full confidence in Coach Tub," Bosley added. "I love that man and I would run through a wall for him right now. I am done technically, but I would do anything for him now."

Asked by a reporter if he was surprised there were questions to the head coach at the postgame press conference about his job security after the 5-7 season, Bosley said, "It's ridiculous--absolutely. Look at what Coach Tuberville has accomplished since he has been here.

"If there would be any discussion of him and his job stability, and I think it is absolutely ridiculous, I make the point that it is absurd," Bosley added. "If you are going to do that to a man who has done what he has done for Auburn University, that is ridiculous. It is stupid."

Asked where that line of questioning could come from, Bosley said, "I don't know where it comes from. When you are in adversity, the cream of the crop rises to the top and so do the (manure). That is the way it is. People start pointing fingers real quick and it is easy to point fingers real quick and it is easy to point fingers at a head coach, but it shouldn't even be a topic of discussion in my opinion...We haven't even been talking about it. His job stability has not been a topic of discussion whatsoever. We love him, we play hard for him and that's that."

Commenting on what he thinks the Tigers need to do to get back to their winning ways, Bosley said, "I would just go back to work. That is what I have always believed in, is working hard. Whenever we have struggled since I have been here the next day of practice has always been my favorite because you get a chance to go out and fix mistakes. I know these coaches know how to do that and I know they will do that. They will go back to work and work hard in the spring and get back to where we were last year. "

Bosley said that although he was a part of Auburn's longest winning streak in school history and the Tigers went 4-1 while he was at AU, losing the finale is "a tough pill to swallow."

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