Powers Talks About "Coach Tub"

Auburn junior defensive back talks about his team and not having Tommy Tuberville as his coach.

Auburn, Ala.--Redshirt junior cornerback Jerraud Powers says the final team meeting with former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville was a difficult one for both the coach and the players.

"Coach Tub, he came in, he thanked us for everything," Powers said. "He thanked us for giving it our best shot. He gave us our best shot. It got emotional. Some players got emotional. It was just a sad day."

Commenting on what Tuberville told them about what happened on Wednesday, Powers said, "He really didn't go into any specifics with us. He just came in and thanked us for everything that we have done for him. He just got emotional. The emotional part of it just sort of took place. You know, he came in and it was just sad.

"We weren't expecting this day to happen," Powers added. "Nobody was looking forward to this day when he came in. He tried to talk...he tried to...but the emotional side took part of it. We all got together, prayed one last time and that was it."

Powers noted that Tuberville had been business as usual with their previous team meeting earlier in the week. "We heard a lot of rumors, but we weren't expecting a big boom like this to happen," Powers said. "It did. When it comes to the coaching profession it is a business so it happens."

Powers said he and his roommates, fellow defensive backs Aairon Savage and Walter McFadden, were saddened by the news that Tuberville won't be their coach.

"He was a great coach," Powers said. "He was a guy that who had contact with everybody. He goes around and jokes. He keeps the emotion high. He never was just a guy to walk around downgrading players and stuff. He was a fun guy to be around."

Powers added, "The mood is down right now, but we have just got to go on from here."

The Tigers just wrapped up a disappointing 5-7 season. Powers says he is optimistic the Tigers can get back to their normal winning ways. "We have got a lot of returning players coming back. We were fairly young as a team. Auburn is a great program. We have got a great fan base. We have got good tradition here. The history speaks for itself."

AU officials announced on Wednesday night that Tuberville resigned. Powers said that the coach didn't tell the players that when he met with them that evening. "I guess you could say that," when asked if he thought the coach resigned. "They say he resigned. Coach Tub did what was best for his interest just like anybody else would do when it comes to making tough decisions. You are going to do what is best for you and your family so if he thought that was best for him and his family, that is what he had to do.

"There was no sense he was going resign," Powers added. "We just came in like we do after each season and had our regular team meeting about how we are going change a few things, about how we are going to strive to get better in this situation or that situation, but there was no sense he was going to resign."

Asked if the Auburn coach, who posted an 85-40 record in 10 seasons at Auburn seemed burned out, Powers answered, "Not at all. Coach Tub took a lot of blame for the loss, which any coach would do. The only thing he could do is coach. We the players are out there playing. Coach Tub didn't run one ball, he didn't catch one pass, he didn't score one touchdown. The only thing he could do was call plays and coach. As players, we took the blame for that.

"We thank Coach Tub a lot for taking up for us and taking the blame as a coach, but as a player we took a lot of blame for it and we thought it was unfair all of the heat was coming on him and not on us."

Tommy Tuberville serves the players foot on Thanksgiving Day.

Looking ahead to who Tuberville's replacement may be, Powers said, "I am pretty sure whoever the new coach who comes in is going to be a great guy, he's going to have a high profile. If he is an offensive guy or a defensive guy, I don't think that really matters. I think Tub was more of a defensive guy than an offensive guy. I am pretty sure the next coach who comes in is going to be another great coach." As a redshirt junior, Powers said he plans to get an NFL Draft evaluation, but added he didn't expect Tuberville leaving to drive him or others getting evaluations like juniors Sen'Derrick Marks and Antonio Coleman to leave the program

"I don't think so at all," Powers said. "Just like Coach Tub did what was best for him and his family, and his situation, we have got to do the same for us. We are not going to let what goes on with something we can't control effect our decision. The only thing we can do is do what is best for us an our family."

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