Q&A With 2009 Prospect Terrence Coleman

Longtime Auburn commitment Terrence Coleman talks about his reaction to the Tigers looking for a replacement for Tommy Tuberville.

ITAT: Talk about your reaction when you heard that Tommy Tuberville was no longer the coach at Auburn.
Coleman: "He told me it was going to be all right. I talked to him about them losing and he said it was going to be all right and he would be there next year. Then he made that decision. It kind of shocked me."

ITAT: Have you talked to coach James Willis since then and what is he telling you?
Coleman: "I talked to him about three days after that. He's telling me that he doesn't know if he'll be there yet and he's trying to hold on to what he's got. He really doesn't know if he's going to be there yet so he really can't say."

ITAT: How does it affect you right now? What are your thoughts on your commitment?
Coleman: "I'm going to have to open things up."

ITAT: Do you still consider yourself a commitment right now?
Coleman: "No sir"

ITAT: What other schools are you looking at right now?
Coleman: "I'm looking at Arkansas, Southern Miss and Ole Miss. That's pretty much it."

ITAT: Have you set up any official visits with schools yet?
Coleman: "No sir"

ITAT: Talk about your plans for the coming weeks. Are you playing basketball?
Coleman: "I was playing basketball, but then I had to stop to get my grades up. This past Saturday I went to Southern Miss."

ITAT: You went to Southern Miss last weekend?
Coleman: "I went Saturday on an unofficial visit. I drove up there and it went great. I watched them practice and they showed me the campus. I talked to the academic people.

ITAT: Is there a sticking point for you as far as Auburn is concerned? Will you wait until they name a coach before making a final decision.?
Coleman: "I'm going to wait until they get a coach."

ITAT: Because of your relationship with Coach Willis, would him being there or not being there make a difference and how much?
Coleman: "Yes sir. It doesn't make sense to talk to him if he's not going to be there."

ITAT: So Coach Willis needs to be there for you to come to Auburn?
Coleman: "I'm not going to say that. I don't know who is going to be there so I really don't know who to talk to."

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