AU Commitment Says He's Keeping Options Open

A report on a 2009 football prospect who was an early commitment to the Tigers is featured.

Frisco, Texas–Auburn raced out to 25 commitments in record time for the class of 2009, but without a head coach many of them are in limbo waiting on an announcement. Such is the case for offensive linprospect Aaron Moore of Centennial High School.

"I'm still committed, but I want to see who they're going to bring in," Moore says of his status. I'm staying on my toes and opening up because I don't want to be there on signing day and be out of luck.

Moore has been in touch with Phillip Lolley, who is Auburn's Director of NFL Relations and is on the road recruiting.

"He's just saying that they want to honor the scholarship and they want to stick with it," Moore says of Lolley. "He's coming to make sure everything is okay."

Moore still wants to play at Auburn, but he wants to keep his options open in case it doesn't work out with the new staff. He says he has offers from Purdue, Utah and Baylor and is getting interest from several other schools.

"I have been getting some phone calls and some offers, but I'm just hanging on. I'm still committed to Auburn so I just want to see what's going on. We'll see when it comes time. Some other schools are coming to pick up tape--Oklahoma State and Southern Miss.

"I'm just waiting," he adds. "I don't want to shut any doors."

Moore found out about Tuberville being out as Auburn's head coach from offensive line coach Hugh Nall. "Coach Nall was supposed to be in that day on a house visit," Moore explains. "As soon as he landed he had turn around and go back. He called me and told me about it. They had a pretty good season last year (2007) so I don't know. Plus the whole deal with (Tony) Franklin. I don't know what happened with him."

Moore projected as an offensive lineman at Auburn, but is getting recruited by some schools for defense.

"This year went a lot better than last year," Moore says of his senior season. "I went from about 17 tackles last year to 60 this year at defensive end. We went 6-4 and lost in the first round of the playoffs."

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