Chizik's Second Run at Auburn

Gene Chizik coached at Auburn for three seasons under Tommy Tuberville.

Auburn, Ala.--Gene Chizik, who will be named Auburn's new head football coach, will be returning to the university where he coached for three seasons as the defensive coordinator for the man he replaces, Tommy Tuberville.

Chizik came to Auburn from the University of Central Florida, where he had also been a defensive coordinator. He left for a similar position at the University of Texas where he coached for two years before becoming head coach at Iowa State, where he posted a 5-19 mark in two seasns with the Cyclones.

The following are comments Chizik made when leaving after after Auburn's 13-0 undefeated 2004 season to take a job as defensive coordinator at the University of Texas.

(On making the move to Texas)

"I just think I had to weigh out all of my options on what I felt like was going to be beneficial for me in terms of getting a head coaching job. Certainly, the University of Texas is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. Coach (Mack) Brown has done a tremendous job of promoting coaches underneath him. He has had seven different coaches under him go on to become head coaches. He really feels like if I come to Texas and I do the job that we are hoping I can do and I think I can do, then he thinks we will be able to propel this into a head coaching job somewhere down the line.

"I can't tell you how excited I am to be able come back to the great state of Texas to coach football where I know football is king," he says. "What a great honor it is for me to be able come to the University of Texas, which is so rich in history and tradition. Just what an honor, what I feel like it is to reach the pinnacle of coaching in college.

"I think this is the best job in America, the best job a defensive coordinator can have. I am just so excited about the opportunity to come to Texas and I am just really looking forward to getting here on Thursday."

Gene Chizik is shown receiving the Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant coach for the 2004 season.

(On saying goodbye to the Auburn players.)

"Today, nobody is in school (holiday) and nobody is around the (Auburn football) complex so I am not leaving until Thursday. I am planning on meeting with every one of those guys on defense that I have become so close to in the last three years. I will certainly get a chance to talk to them before I leave. Once again, it just kind of happened on a day when they weren't around. My goal in the next few days is to make sure I see everybody before I go."

(On how Tuberville and he handled Chizik's departure)

"He ended it very professionally, very well. It was very much appreciated on my part. He understood my position and my take on the issue. He was very supportive of that. I assured him how much I appreciate the opportunity to come to Auburn. We talked about that. I thanked him greatly for the opportunity. He handled it very well and as far as I know everything is good and we are on good terms."

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