Former Tigers Comment On Chizik Hire

Former Auburn players Bret Eddins and Stan White talk about Gene Chizik.

Auburn, Ala.--Bret Eddins is about as Auburn as Auburn gets. A former player for the Tigers with a younger brother currently on the team and the son of a former Tiger, Eddins is Auburn through and through. He's also got a unique perspective on new coach Gene Chizik having played for him while at Auburn. He says the hire is one that he can really get behind.

"I was excited when I heard the name," Eddins says. "As a defensive coordinator, he was the guy that all of the players not only liked a whole lot, but respected. That's kind of tough to do. He was a taskmaster on the field that made sure you did your job the best you could.

"He expected the most of out of guys and he got the most out of them. He's one of those people that is going to push you to be the best person on the field, off the field, and in the classroom. I think he's a great hire."

Carlos Rogers, Antarrious Williams, DeMarco McNeil and Bret Eddins talk before Monday's press conference.

While he didn't play for Chizik, Stan White is a former quarterback for the Tigers and worked as a color analyst for the Auburn Network when Chizik was the defensive coordinator for the Tigers. He says that he thinks Chizik is a guy that will rally the Auburn fans once they get to know him and what he's all about.

"I thought he did a great job," White says. "He said a lot of the right things. I think to everyone it was probably a little bit of a surprise because he came on so late in the interview process and it happened within a 36-hour period.

"I think if his name had surfaced early on it would have let people warm up to the idea a little more. I think he's going to do a great job here at Auburn. He's proven it. He did that here as a defensive coordinator. He did it at Texas as a defensive coordinator. He had two bad years as a head coach, but I like the fact that he had a plan in place and didn't deviate from that.

"A lot of times coaches may try to deviate from that when you don't have success on the field. He's going to come in with tireless, relentless recruiting and coaching and a passion for Auburn that they need right now."

As a former Tiger, White knows what it means to have respect for a former coach. He says that because of that the turnout of former Auburn players in attendance on Monday spoke volumes about the Chizik hire.

"My first reaction was probably a lot like the fans saying where did this come from," White says. "Not that I was disappointed, but it was just a surprise. Then I read what Carlos Rogers said, what Dontarrious Thomas said, what Cadillac Williams said who didn't even get coached by Gene Chizik. He said he's the best hire for Auburn. That really said a lot to me because they know his personality and know his passion and know his work ethic more than any of us.

"We can guess and we can listen to a press conference, but those guys are out on the field and in the film room for six or eight hours a day. To hear them say it means a lot. Then to have a guy like Carlos come back after playing a game yesterday, that means a lot too. I think he's got to gain the support of his players and I think he's already done that in a lot of ways and he'll continue to do that."

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