Chizik Makes A Visit To Gadsden City

New Auburn coach Gene Chizik visited Gadsden City High School on Friday to talk with prospects Dre Kirkpatrick, Kendall Kelly and Darrell Smith.

Gadsden, Ala.--One of the top schools in Alabama this season for football prospects is Gadsden City. With defensive back Dre Kirkpatrick, wide receiver Kendall Kelly, and H-back/defensive end Darrell Smith the Titans boast three Division I talents for the 2009 class.

It should come as no surprise then that new Auburn coach Gene Chizik made the school one of his many stops this week as he tries to blitzk across the Tigers' recruiting areas before the NCAA mandated dead period begins on this week. Smith says all three players met with Chizik, Phillip Lolley, Joe Whitt and Jimmy Perry on Friday to talk about the Auburn program.

"It went good," the 6-3, 228-pound Smith tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "They said they would be evaluating film all week on their players and all of the players they are recruiting. He said he was just touching base with all the people he hasn't touched base with before."

Dre Kirkpatrick is rated as one the top defensive backs in the country.

Despite not knowing the coach, Smith says Chizik didn't go into great detail about what he wanted to do at Auburn in terms of coaching staff and style of play. Instead he talked about his strengths and his reasons for being the right guy at Auburn.

"He was real nice," Smith says. "I liked him. I think it went good. He didn't talk a whole lot about plans, he was just telling us about him and where he's been coaching. He talked about the questions had about hiring him because of his losing record at Iowa State. He said he's always been a winner and will make a defense better."

Kendall Kelly

Along with Smith, both Kirkpatrick and Kelly sat in on the meeting at the school. Smith says he hasn't had a chance to talk at length with his teammates yet, but he feels like things went well.

"I didn't really see Dre that much," Smith says. "He went back in and then had to come back out to take another test. K (Kelly), he liked them, too."

While Kirkpatrick and Kelly have their pick of a variety of colleges around the country, Smith is slowly beginning to move onto the wish lists of schools around the South. A powerful player who ended up playing offensive tackle for much of the time at the end of the year because of his blocking prowess, Smith says he's beginning to set up visits at the moment.

"Things are going good right now," Smith says. "I'm hearing from UAB, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, South Alabama and a few other schools. I'm going to UAB on Jan. 9, Arkansas on Jan. 16, I think Mississippi State on the 30th. I haven't set the other two up yet."

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