Auburn In The Mix For Oku

Four-star running back prospect David Oku talks about his visit to Auburn this weekend.

Oklahoma City, Ok.--One of the country's top running back prospects took an official visit to Auburn over the weekend and says the Tigers are now in his final three as he begins the process of making a final decision.

Speedy David Oku from Carl Albert High is a four-star prospect with dozens of offers, but has had an interest in Auburn since before his junior year. Backing away from that interest and committing later to Tennessee, it looked like Oku's flirtation with the Tigers was a thing of the past.

That was until a coaching change brought Curtis Luper, Trooper Taylor and Gus Malzahn to Auburn. After that a phone call and a visit have suddenly put Auburn right back in the hunt for this top running back.

"It's Tennessee, I'm still looking at that, Syracuse a little bit, and Auburn," Oku says. "I'm just looking for a comfort zone, that's about it. All three places I have felt comfortable with, but also I'm going to weigh out the pros and cons of each school.

"I feel like the visit helped (Auburn)," he adds. "It was such short notice. Coach (Curtis) Luper called and said to come down and see if I liked it. Going down there has given me a lot to think about. I had not been down there in almost two years. It's great to me. The visit really helped out a lot and that's why I'll go past signing day to give it a fair opportunity."

With Auburn coming into the picture so late in the process, Oku says that he'll now likely take his time to make sure he makes the right decision. That may mean something after Wednesday's national signing day.

"For such short notice it went real good," Oku says. "More than likely I will go past signing day to make my decision because I think it's a fair opportunity because of the short notice.

"Honestly it will probably be sometime in mid-February," he adds. "Probably like the 17th or the 12th or something like that. I want to have time to talk to one person in particular that is close to me. Not to hold up a team, but to give everyone a fair opportunity. Going there was great and it made me look at a lot of stuff."

Hosted by Auburn running back Ben Tate, Oku says he was already familiar some with Auburn's players and the campus, but things are very different now because of the changes with the coaching staff.

"It helped, but at the same time that was the old coaching staff," Oku says. "You can tell this new coaching staff is outloud about it. They are pumped all the time. You've got coach (Trooper) Taylor running around yelling the whole time. It's good. I saw some other things I didn't see the last time I was there. It was great."

Oku spent much of his visit bonding with the coaches, including Taylor. That was especially the case on Saturday as Oku says he spent time hanging out with Taylor at the Auburn-Vanderbilt basketball game where he was spotted by fans.

"Posters, posters, posters," Oku says. "I wasn't trying to be the center of attention or anything. I was trying to lay low. I don't know how people spotted me. I was just trying to chill. It was crazy. You've got to be blessed to be in a situation like this."

Perhaps the biggest change is on offense where Malzahn's fast break type of offense will now be employed by the Tigers. Oku says from watching it on film and seeing it in person last season at Tulsa, it's something any player could enjoy playing in.

"The offense coach (Gus) Malzahn was showing me was unbelievable," Oku says. "Basically all I can say is his offense is not fair from what I've seen. It's not fair with some of the trick plays he's done. It's just not fair to me. I was laughing at the plays that were going on because the defense didn't know what was going on. I thought it was pretty funny."

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