AU Visit Solidifies Decision For Moseley

Alabama's Mr. Football Clint Moseley discusses his official visit to Auburn.

Leroy, Ala.—Leroy High School quarterback Clint Moseley, who committed to Auburn on Jan. 18, took an official visit to the Plains this weekend.

"It was great," Moseley says. "I really enjoyed it. I was already sold on Auburn, but if there was any doubt, this visit eliminated that doubt."

Saturday night the recruits went to the stadium, which was the highlight of the trip for Moseley.

"They had a locker set out with #15 in it, a jersey, pants, cleats, a helmet and all kinds of things in there," he explains. "We got to put on our jerseys and they lined the tunnel with people and we got to run out onto the field. They had a the music playing and it was just really cool."

Auburn's new coaching staff was also a huge plus for the 6-4, 200-pound quarterback.

"I've been on a few visits and this is by far my favorite coaching staff. I'm not saying that just because I'm going there. I see myself being around them every day. I'm sure it'll change once I sign," Moseley jokes. "Trooper Taylor is just hilarious. It made my weekend better. It really did. He's that funny."

Moseley also felt at home with the players he hung out with. Lee Ziemba was his player host.

"I met a lot of the football players," Moseley recalls. "They're all just down to earth and it was cool.

"I liked (Ziemba)," he adds. "I didn't know how big he was before. I just saw his picture when I found out he was going to be my host. When I saw him he was 6-8, 300-something. He's huge. I like him though. He's got good personality. I liked a lot of the guys. With the transition I think I'll fit in pretty good."

Moseley's parents went with him on the visit.

"They were just blown away," Moseley says. "This is the best visit they've been on. They didn't know what to expect. They were overwhelmed. They liked how we were treated, the facilities and everything, and how serious they are about academics."

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