Seniors Talk About Senior Day Victory

Comments Quantez Robertson, Rasheem Barrett and Korvotney Barber are featured.

Auburn, Ala.--Korvotney Barber said his Senior Day on Saturday was emotional and there is no doubt he played like it.

The forward won praise from Coach Jeff Lebo for his offensive play and defensive work putting the clamps on LSU standout Tasmin Mitchell, who made just one of 10 shots.

Barber had another monster rebounding performance with 17 for a second straight game. He led the Tigers in scoring, too, with 16 points vs. the 11th-ranked LSU team.

"It was real emotional," the forward from Manchester, Ga., said of his team's 69-53 SEC victory over 11th-ranked LSU, the eighth win in Auburn's last nine games. "It was a very special moment. It was our last time playing here in Beard-Eaves against a ranked team and we went out with a bang like everybody wanted us to.

"We went hard at practice for a couple of days," he said. "We were prepared for those guys and we came out here and got a victory.

"We knew what to look for because it was real physical when we went down there," he added. "We just had to match their physicality. It paid off.

"Chris Johnson likes to play behind," Barber said of the LSU post player who was guarding him. "They just told me to go at him and attack instead of fading away from him. Just go at him. My teammates gave me the ball and I made the best of it the times I touched the ball."

The victory improved the Tigers to 21-10 and 10-6 going into next week's SEC Tournament in Tampa. Auburn has a first round bye and won't play until Friday night vs. the winner of the Florida vs. Arkansas game.

"The hard work pays off and we put in the work," Barber said. "We did come as freshmen and we didn't have good seasons. We just kept working, stayed focused and everybody stayed together. When you're losing, it's real hard to stay together, but we found a way to stay together as a team and it paid off in the end."

Auburn managed to beat the SEC champs despite shooting just 41.2 percent from the field and making just 2-16 threes. "Not every night is going to be an ‘on night' for our shooters, We have to do other things. We have to set screens and get other people open. I think we did a pretty good job in the second half knocking down big shots."

More than 11,000 fans were at the coliseum to send off Barber and fellow seniors Quantez Robertson, Rasheem Barrett and walk-on guard Drew Smith. "I want to say thanks," he said. "I hope it doesn't have to be senior night for us to get that kind of support. I hope people start support Auburn basketball from here on out. I'd just like to thank everybody that came out tonight and supported us."

Robertson, who is from Cincinnati, was also fired up after the victory.

"It was very exciting for my family to come down and see me play my last home game here in Beard-Eaves Memorial with two good guys that I play with on the court and Drew, who comes to practice whenever he can after class," Robertson said. "It's been fun. My family got to come down and see us play and get a W."

Auburn's seniors are hoping to play in the NCAA Tournament this year, but Robertson said the SEC Tournament is what he will worry about this week.

"I really don't focus on what these people talk about with the brackets and things like that," he said. "We've just got to worry about our conference tournament and whoever we've got to face next. We've got to get ready and prepare for them.

"We can't worry about what the writers talk about with the NCAA tournament. We can't worry about what they say. We've got to play with what we've got and continue to what we've been doing, which is playing as a team and stopping the other team on defense. If we get picked, then we get picked. We can't do anything about what they say. If we get picked, then we get picked. We can't do anything about what they say.

Robertson said he is glad he decided to attend Auburn and enjoyed playing with his former teammates as well as the current ones. "I had fun my four years down here and playing under Coach Lebo and the staff, and my teammates and the fans. It's been a good thing for me."

Barrett, who has come back from early season injury problems, came through with another impressive game for the Tigers to help his team go out a winner on Senior Day and move into contention for an NCAA Tournament bid.

"It just makes it all sweeter," Barrett said. "Ever since we got here Auburn was never in the conversation of anything. Now they can put their foot in their mouth and it feels real good.

"If you practice hard and you play hard you get good results," Barrett said. "Wherever we go after that is where we're going to play."

Commenting on his decision to come to Auburn, Barrett said, "Like Tez said, we came in and we thought it was a good situation. Obviously everybody knows that Auburn was really down and we've been fighting ever since we've been here--size, experience, youth. To finish like this with four seniors makes it all the more sweeter."

Barrett said he will leave Auburn with good memories of Auburn's fans.

"I love them," he said. "I love them all. Every single one of the them that has supported us for the four years that we've been here and to go out like that in the last home game was great."

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