Offensive Line Prospect Visits Auburn

Kolton Houston of Buford High School checked out Gene Chizik's Tigers. His comments and video highlights of his junior season are featured.

Buford, Ga.--Kolton Houston, an offensive line prospect who combines brains and brawn, made a stop in Auburn on Thursday on his way home from a spring break trip.

When he arrived the Auburn coaches were already on the field conducting practice, but the 6-5, 270-pounder stayed and watched the action although he didn't get a chance to talk to the coaches.

"I came to Auburn about three weeks ago and got to spend a lot of time with the coaches," he points out. "I like Auburn and I am serious about Auburn, but I don't have a favorite right now."

To emphasize the point of how open he is, Houston says, "Actually, in my room, I have about 30 school pennants. I am just a big college football fan."

Houston says he has around 14 or 15 scholarship offers, including one from Coach Gene Chizik's Tigers. "They offered me about a month and half ago," he says, adding that defensive coordinator Ted Roof is recruiting him for Auburn.

Although he plays both ways in high school, Houston says that he projects as an offensive lineman in college. "I play guard in high school, but colleges tell me that they are recruiting me to play either guard or tackle."

He has the height to play tackle at the college level. "I am six-foot-five and my growth plates are still open," he notes. "I will probably grow to 6-6, maybe 6-7."

Houston, who is finishing his junior year in high school, says it is too early to know what he wants to study in college. A straight A's student and a member of the National Honor Society, qualifying for the next level will be no problem.

Houston's only sport is football and when he hits the field for spring practice he knows what he will be working on improving this year. "Definitely run blocking is my strength and I need to work on my pass sets," he says. "We work on them every single day in practice, but we pass only five or six times a game so I need to work on those."

After playing on a state championship team last year, the offensive lineman says he is looking forward to going out a champion as a senior. "We have just as good a chance as we did last year to take it all the way," he says. "I like our odds."

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