Coach Comments on Ayers, Big Cat Weekend

A football recruiting report is featured on cornerback prospect Ryan Ayers.

Douglasville, Ga.--Whoever signs Ryan Ayers will be adding a quality cornerback and a quality person to their roster. That's the assessment of South Paulding High School head football coach Tim Glanton.

Glanton, who took Ayers to Auburn last Saturday for The Big Cat Weekend which attracted other talented prospects, says he was impressed with the event and so was Ayers.

"He is a great leader and he has a lot of intangible skills that you can't coach," Glanton says of the rising senior. "He is very humble. Through all of the success he is having, and all of he attention he is getting, he has managed to really stay focused on what is important.

"The other thing about him is that he has overcome a lot of adversity, even as a young kid with his father not really in his life," Glanton notes. "He doesn't let that affect him. He is really a great kid, who has great character and a great personality."

Ryan Ayers

At South Paulding High, Ayers is Mr. Versatility on the football field.

"He is a wide receiver for us," Glanton says. "He returns punts and returns kicks. He is a big guy for us on field goal blocks and PAT blocks. He plays a lot of roles. He could play linebacker for us if we needed him to do that. He is a really physical player, which sets him apart from most defensive backs I have coached.

"He plays safety for us," Glanton says. "We put him in the middle of the field so that way they can't run away from him. At the college level, he knows he is going to be a cornerback. He has good speed, good strength. He is a really well-rounded kid."

Ayers is also getting the job done in the classroom. "His GPA is fine," the coach says. "Core-wise he is probably a 2.8 or 2.9 and he is taking some prep courses and things to get him ready for the test. Overall, he has really done a good job."

Glanton says Auburn made progress in its recruitment of Ayers because the rising senior had a good time with the coaches at AU's Big Cat Weekend.

"He really didn't know a lot about Auburn," Glanton says. "He came to camp at Auburn last year and, for whatever reason, didn't like it. I talked with him when the new staff came in and told him, ‘Listen, they are going to recruit you. You need to be open-minded when you go visit.'

"They have done a good job," Glanton says of assistant coach Tommy Thigpen and the rest of the Auburn staff. "They have got a good thing going. They have got a good atmosphere, a good family feel to everything, and that is kind of what he is looking for. I think Auburn will be one of the schools he ends up visiting in the end, especially after his visit (to Big Cat Weekend)."

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