Family A Big Reason Why Richardson Is A Tiger

Jeremy Richardson talks about his reasons for choosing Auburn.

Birmingham, Ala.--Family is a big part of Jeremy Richardson's life, so much so that when he decided to make his public commitment to Auburn he chose to do so at the bedside of his ailing grandfather at UAB Hospital. With so much devotion to his family, it's no surprise that Richardson says one of the reasons he wants to be a Tiger is because of that very reason.

"Pretty much it was just about family," Richardson says. "That's what they talked about down there. They didn't always just talk about football. That's pretty much all they preach down there is family. After that they talked about playing time and said I would come in as a true freshman and play. That's pretty much why I made my decision because they were preaching about family."

Admittedly an Auburn fan growing up, Richardson says his reason for going ahead and pulling the trigger had a lot to do with his grandfather.

"He's a big Auburn fan," Richardson says. "He's in the hospital right now so I decided to do it for him. Plus it's because of how I feel. I'm an Auburn fan myself. That's pretty much how I did it. Also just to get it out of the way so I wouldn't have to worry about anything during the school year. I can just worry about my grades."

Jeremy Richardson and his grandfather Sammy Newsome pose for a picture.

Another reason for Richardson's commitment is because of the new coaching staff under the direction of Gene Chizik. Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and in particular wide receiver coach Trooper Taylor played a big part in his ultimate choice of Auburn Richardson says.

"I like them a lot," Richardson says. "They joke around a lot like I do. When I went down there we connected like that. They're all good guys. They know what they are doing. They've won championships and been there so they know how it feels. I want to be a part of that too.

"They said they were going to try to throw the ball eight to 10 times deep a game," he adds. "Not many teams do that. They take chances and you've got to take chances to win. That's pretty much why I like that offense. There are going to be some great things next year and for years to come."

Richardson says the connection with the staff grew even deeper for him last weekend when he was part of the Big Cat Weekend on the Plains. Getting together some of the top players in the country for a weekend of fun on the Auburn campus was something that has already paid dividends for the Auburn coaching staff.

"It did a lot for me because I got to know some of the players and hang out with them and see how they felt about the whole situation," Richardson says. "I really got to know them a lot. I hope they become a part of the family too and commit with me. That really changed my decision too of coming to Auburn just going down there and hanging out with the coaches and players and doing different things. That really changed it."

Now Auburn's fifth commitment, Richardson says his job now is to work on getting other players on board for what he hopes is a big recruiting year for the Tigers.

"I'm committing today and we want people to come that are good so we can win," Richardson says. "I think it's my job now to try to talk to guys and get them to come."

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