Plenty Of Choices, Tough Decision For Roby

Talented athlete Bradley Roby talks about his favorites and about his summer plans.

Suwanee, Ga.--It can sometimes be tough for a player to choose between schools when the time comes because every university puts its best foot forward during the recruiting process. As tough as that is, imagine how tough the decision making process is going to be for speedy Bradley Roby from Peachtree Ridge.

With around a dozen offers from schools such as Auburn, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Ole Miss, Maryland, Wake Forest and West Virginia, Roby already has a tough decision to make. What makes it even tougher is that some schools such as Auburn are recruiting him as a defensive back while others want him as a wide receiver. That makes things very interesting says Roby.

"I'm a receiver so I obviously want to play receiver, but I'm kind of receptive to playing corner because I think I could be a good corner if I had the right teaching," Roby tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "I think I could get that at Auburn so I'm okay with going to Auburn to play corner. I play either side of the ball. I just want to play football. It doesn't really matter to me, but as of now I just want to be a receiver because I've been coached as that and trained as that my whole life. If I decide to play corner I'll have to make that decision. If I do decide that then Auburn would be my number one choice."

A 6-0, 175-pounder with very good speed and athleticism, Roby has been a very good wide receiver for Peachtree Ridge and led the team in catches as a junior. Deciding they needed him on defense as a senior, the coaching staff moved him to corner during spring practices and he drew rave reviews from his own and visiting coaches.

That's where the Auburn coaches picture Roby, something he says makes him think long and hard about the Tigers.

"Auburn is definitely in the top three right now," Roby says. "I just really like what Auburn has to offer. They've offered me as a corner and they've been known to send corners to the NFL. I always liked Auburn growing up too."

While the Tigers are looking on the defensive side of the ball, Vanderbilt and Ohio State are both looking at Roby as a wide receiver. He talks about both of his other favorites, beginning with the Commodores.

"They were the first school to offer me," Roby says. "They offered me as a receiver. They say I'm their number one receiver and they don't hesitate to say that. I truly believe it. They just seem like they really want me. One of my friends Terence Jeffers plays there. He'll be starting this year. He wouldn't lie to me about Vanderbilt and he's had good things to say. He was telling me how good it was and how glad he was that he transferred there."

As for Ohio State, there is also a connection there that has Roby interested in the Buckeyes.

"Cameron Heyward went there two years ago," Roby says. "Me and my mom are very close friends with his family. I actually talked to him yesterday about Ohio State. That's my connection to Ohio State."

While he doesn't have any camp plans left for the summer following his trip to Columbus, Roby says he may take another unofficial visit to Auburn before his senior year begins. He says he's also thinking about working out at another camp in Athens with several of his friends. Still waiting on an offer from the home state Bulldogs as well as the Buckeyes, Roby says he hopes to clear one of those up this weekend.

"I went to Georgia's camp and I have been to Vanderbilt and I'm going to Ohio State Thursday," Roby says. "They've gone pretty well. I did good at Georgia. I didn't come away with an offer. Vanderbilt has already offered me."

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