ITAT TV: Auburn Arena Video Tour

Director of Athletic Facilities Randy Byars gave the media a tour of Auburn Arena on Thursday.

Video 1:
(Be careful with your computer volume levels. Construction is going on in the background.)

The first clip is from the southeast entrance to the arena across the street from the main entrance to Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum. The practice facility, which will be on the southwest end, is the white part of the building while the arena is black on the outside for now.

This is a view of where the practice courts will be from the concourse level in the south end. The student activities center is in the background along with the outdoor swimming pool and the new student dorms to the far right.

Byars explains the coaches' offices.

This is a few from the main concourse level in the southeast corner.

A panoramic view from the the scholarship lounge on the east side of the arena. It will be used for more functions than just basketball games.

Byars talks about the scholarship lounge.

Up the stairs from the main concourse to the upper deck... It's not many steps from one floor to another, and the remaining steps to the seats are down, not up.

If you look carefully you can see where the cameras will be mounted in the east upper deck. That means that the student section will be on TV. Per SEC rules, the benches must not be on the student section side so the scores table and both teams' benches will be on the east side in front of the scholarship seats.

More scholarship seats, 36 on one row, will be individual chairs in front of the students on the west end. Additional student seating will be on the north and south. All student seats are floor level.

Video 2:

Byars discusses the scoreboard.

Byars talks about July 2010 as the goal for completion.

A view from the concourse level on the north end panning to the new student housing. The brick building on the far right closest to the reporters is the new student cafeteria. The other brick buildings are the new student dorms. The ramp leads to the main entrance on the east side of the arena. The open space will be filled with Auburn memorabilia like the old museum at the athletic complex.

Another shot of the museum area from the main entrance.

Outside the main entrance the Auburn Creed is engraved on the wall. By the time the construction is done, there will be a large open area outside the dorms and the arena.

This is where the students will enter their courtside seats from the northwest.

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