Second visit was good like the first one

It was just a casual visit, but Michael Thornton wanted to see if he felt the same way about Georgia after his second visit as he did after his first one. He traveled over to Athens with his father last weekend and talks about the visit here.

"This visit to Georgia was really the same as it was the first time and that is what I was wanting," said Michael Thornton.

"I got there at 11am Saturday morning and I left around 5pm that afternoon. I toured the campus again, I went through the academic presentation again, and I met with the person that would be my counselor if I went there and it was all nice. I liked what I saw the first time I visited this summer, so I just wanted to see it all one more time."

Like his first visit, Thornton spent some time with his recruiting coach Rodney Garner. Coach ‘G' has recruited Stephenson High School for as long as he has been coaching at Georgia, so Thornton has known him since 9th grade.

They had a nice little chat during his visit.

"Me and Coach ‘G' are real cool and we talked about some things before he had to get ready for their camp Saturday night. He was just catching me up on what is going on at Georgia, what the latest was in recruiting, and he talked about what was going to happen at the camp. We really just worked on continuing to get to know each other better and stuff and it was cool. My dad and his girlfriend were there talking with us too."

Head Coach Mark Richt stopped by to say hello to the 6-foot-1, 272 pound defensive tackle, but he did not have a lot of time.

"Coach Richt had a lot going on with Dawg Night that day, so we didn't get a lot of time together. It was cool though because I had a long chat with him the first time I was there. He talked to me quickly about their camp and shook my hand, but he had to head over to the stadium when I saw him."

Touring the campus, learning about the academics, and talking with coaches were all things the number 24 defensive tackle in the country on Scout did when he was at Georgia in June.

One thing he didn't do then was hang out with players and he did that the second time around.

"I got to meet Abry Jones and DeAngelo Tyson and I talked to them for a little bit," said Thornton. "They answered a few of my questions and they talked to me about how easy it was making the adjustment from high school to college at Geoergia. They told me staying home and staying in-state with people that you know really makes it easier. They also talked to me about how it was as a football player there, what their schedule is like, and what kind of guy Coach Garner is around them. It was a learning experience talking to them because they are doing what I will be doing next year, so it was very nice to talk with them. They are both real cool guys."

Thornton did not take part in the camp, but the six hours he spent at Georgia seemed to help Georgia. He wanted to see if he had that feeling that bolted the Dawgs into his top group earlier this summer again and he did.

"Georgia really impressed me on my first trip and I got that same exact feeling again this time," he admitted. "I don't think they can make a bad impression. My dad likes them, I like them, and I enjoyed getting over there again. I am sure I will be back."

The Peach State DL still is not quite ready to release an official top list of schools, but he said Georgia is definitely still up there for him.

Another school that he has visited before will get a return visit this weekend and that school is Auburn.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Analyst for the South Region and he can be reached at

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