AU Commitment Receives All-Star Invitation

An Auburn football recruiting report features comments from Jake Holland.

Pelham, Ala.--Auburn verbal commitment Jake Holland is pumped up about the news he received on Friday as he learned that he has been invited to play in the Under Armour All-American Football Game in Orlando, Fla.

"I am excited about it," the Pelham High School linebacker says of the all-star game that features top high school seniors from around the country. "I was on the way to my grandmother's house today and a guy from Under Armour called me to officially tell me I am invited to the game. He said it will be played January 2nd."

Holland's team will begin official practices next week at Pelham High School and he points out that he is eager to get the 2009 season started. "I have been working out hard, working with the team," he notes. "We start three-a-days next week to get the season started off. I am ready to get it going."

The linebacker says he is currently 6-1, 230 pounds. "That is a good weight for me," he says. "I will probably lose some weight in August with all of the running around I will do, but hopefully not too much."

Holland says he still excited about the decision he made in April to play for Coach Gene Chizik's Tigers. He was in Auburn earlier in July to attend a one-day football camp and was a standout performer along with fellow linebacker verbal commitments Jessel Curry and Jawara White. The trio of them worked out together in some seven-on-seven drills.

"It was a great experience, a great feeling getting to work out with those guys," Holland says. "I had gotten to know them on previous visits to Auburn, but I got to know them a lot better at the camp with the drills and everything. It was great to work with them."

Jake Holland got an earlier offer from Coach Gene Chizik's Tigers.

Holland says he is "really looking forward" to playing with those guys in college and continuing to build a relationship with his future teammates. "You have to have a good relationship to be successful," he states.

Earlier this summer he spent five weeks in Panama City, Fla., with his mother and says he kept in good shape during that time. "I did a lot of running on the beach, which is a really good workout," he says. "Also, there was a Gold's Gym there where I worked out."

Commenting on his expectations for his Pelham High team, Holland says, "We are supposed to be pretty good. The defense is returning a good number of players. Our offense meshes together well. Our offensive line is young, but they are getting into it. Hopefully, as a team we can go a long way."

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