Rollison Learning On The Run

Auburn freshman Tyrik Rollison talks about his development and the race for the number two spot at quarterback.

Auburn, Ala.--The preseason has been a busy one for Auburn true freshman quarterback Tyrik Rollison. In addition to the normal hectic pace for a college student on campus for the first time, Rollison has the added pressure of being in the race for the number two QB role for the Tigers.

Because of that race he spent a lot of time on the field in Auburn's first two scrimmages as he got the majority of the reps as coaches Gene Chizik and Gus Malzahn checked to see what they had in the newcomer from Texas.

Saturday was a different day for Rollison and fellow competitor for the backup role, Neil Caudle, as the third scrimmage was spent mostly watching starter Chris Todd get work.

In a situational scrimmage in which the coaches were looking to see how everything worked or didn't work from the coaches in the booth to communication to execution on the field, Rollison says it was mostly a day of watching for he and Caudle.

"We both got more mental reps," Rollison notes. "Most of the day was more of a mental day for me."

Having a practice to check out all the things that go into a game was big according to Malzahn and Rollison agrees. Even though he wasn't on the field for much of it, he points out that the offense requires everyone to be on the same page at all times.

"This offense is big on communication," Rollison says. "We have to communicate with the coaches to get the formation as well as the play."

Communication is something that, in addition to the offense in general, is a big part of what Rollison is working on as well. Wanting him to become more vocal, the coaching staff has challenged the freshman to step up in that aspect of being a quarterback and he notes that is his goal heading into the season.

"I feel like I've gotten better, but I'm not at the point I need to be," Rollison says. "I'm still making adjustments on that."

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