Q And A With Caleb Castille

Briarwood Christian standout Caleb Castille answers questions about his recruiting and his thoughts on Auburn.

Caleb Castille

How did the last month of the summer go for you. Did you hear from any other teams in addition to Auburn?

Castille: "Not a whole lot. I heard from Alabama and Southern Miss and Ole Miss. It wasn't a whole lot. Things are going good though."

Talk about getting ready for your senior season. How is that going?

Castille: "It's going real good. We've just been working real hard. We're trying to get ready to play hard and go as far as possible. We want to complete our goals."

Are you working any on defense or is it strictly offense?

Castille: "I'm at wide receiver right now. I'm not working much if any defense. We'll see how it goes the rest of the season."

Talk about coming to Auburn to check them out this summer. What have you heard from Auburn and have you talked to Coach (Tommy) Thigpen?

Castille: "I usually keep in touch with them like every other day or so. They are still interested in me and want me to come play. I'm just kind of going through the recruiting process right now and playing it out. I'm trying to make sure I make the best decision for me. I haven't jumped the gun to commit early. I feel like I'll have a chance to have a few more offers come in after the season or during the season."

What offers do you have at the moment?

Castille: "It's just Auburn right now."

What do you like about Auburn right now. What intrigues you about the program?

Castille: "I think it's mostly because of the new coaching staff. There is an opportunity to come in and have a chance to play early. Also I like Coach (Phillip) Lolley a lot. His credentials for cornerback is one of the top in the country. He thinks I'm a worthy candidate to be under his tutelage. I'm pretty impressed with them. It's a good town. I just like them. I like pretty much everything about it besides the whole rebuilding thing. You never really know how it's going to go. I have confidence in them that things will go right."

With your families history at Alabama could you see yourself pulling the trigger and committing to Auburn down the road or would that be a pretty tough decision?

Castille: "I don't think it would be a tough decision. I'll just make the best decision. My family doesn't care, they are behind me 100 percent. I have just been praying about it and weighing the options."

Do you ever talk with Barrett Trotter (teammate at Briarwood Christian) about his thoughts and impressions?

Castille: Barrett likes it a lot. He likes the new coaching staff a lot. He's excited about getting back healthy and getting ready to play."

Tiger Ticket Extra:

Castille and his teammates open the season this week against Vestavia Hills at home. An impressive player at one of Auburn's summer camps, Castille has played offense almost his entire life but projects as a cornerback on the next level much like his father, former Alabama standout Jeremiah Castille.

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