Adams Provides Big Play Threat for Tigers

Darvin Adams was Mr. Touchdown on Saturday night for the Tigers as he was a key player in Auburn's college football victory over West Virginia.

Auburn, Ala.--Since last spring, Auburn wide receiver coach Trooper Taylor has been saying he's waiting on a big-play receiver to step up and stand out.

On a rain-soaked field in a late-night game against West Virginia, lanky sophomore Darvin Adams stood up tall for the Tigers.

He executed his routes. He caught passes. He fooled defensive backs. He scored three touchdowns.

Finally, the big-play receiver had made his debut.

Adams caught a team-high six passes for 80 yards and three touchdowns in Auburn's 41-30 win over West Virginia.

His first TD catch was your standard grab and dash-into the end zone. He pulled his third TD grab down in the right corner of the end zone under the student section. But it was his second scoring catch that really turned heads, including his own.

Todd reared back to throw and Adams bolted for the end zone. Adams kept looking ahead--not at the ball--so the defensive back wouldn't know the pass was headed their way. At the last second, when the ball was so close Adams must have felt it behind him, he spun, reached and grabbed in a move that looked better fitted for a basketball court than an end zone.


"I mean I knew the ball was coming to me and by the time I looked up, Todd had already released the ball, which shows how much faith he had in me," Adams said. "As I looked up, I saw the ball and I just reached up and thought hopefully I'll catch it." He did. Was Todd certain Adams would catch it?

"I was hoping he would," Todd said with a grin.

Todd said he wasn't surprised.

"He works hard in practice," Todd said. "It was a matter of time before he had a game like this. He showed it in a big way. He's a really good route runner. He's really quick in and out of his cut. He's really range; he's a large target. He has a lot of assets, but being a good route runner is probably his best."

It came in handy Saturday night.

On a soggy field, drenched by an hour-long torrential rain that delayed kick-off for more than an hour, Adams became Todd's favorite target.

When West Virginia stopped Auburn's running game, Todd looked to his receivers for help. He connected with Adams six times for difference-making plays.

"We needed to have to have some big plays for momentum swings and he was part of a few of those," Auburn head coach Gene Chizik said.

Afterward, Adams deflected praise as easily as he caught Todd's passes.

"I give up all the glory to the offensive linemen and Chris Todd," Adams said. "I just like to thank God and then the coaches. They have trust in us. And the offensive line blocks and Chris has faith in all of us."

Faith, Adams said, is important to this team. It's why they won, he said.

"This was a real big step," he said. "It shows we don't quit. As a team, with us being down we had faith and we came back. We was down and came back. Everybody has trust in each other. We have faith in each other."

Last season, everything went wrong. This year, things are finally going right. He's making catches. He's scoring. His team has won three wins in as many games.

Each w in is a healing balm soothing last year's hurts. But what he's learned, he said, is to have faith in his teammates no matter what.

And this team has learned not to take anything for granted, he said.

"We're taking them one game at a time," he said. "It's like a boxing match. We're on round three. Next is round four."

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