Tackle Has One More Visit Before Deciding

This defensive standout talks about his decision-making process and his thoughts on the Auburn Tigers.

Cartersville, Ga.--Defensive line standout Andre Fluellen says that he plans to make a decision either Monday or Tuesday following a weekend visit to Florida State's campus in Tallahassee. Being courted by some of the top programs in the South, including Auburn, Fluellen tells Inside The Auburn Tigers that it has been a pretty busy week since returning from his visit to Auburn last weekend.

"I've only had a couple of coaches come in this week," Fluellen notes. "I've had one from Florida State, a couple from Maryland and Coach (Tommy) Tuberville came by with Coach (Terry) Price today. That went good today. We had a really good conversation. It gave me some insight about a lot of the other schools and the defenses they run and if their particular defense will fit me. I never really gave that a whole lot of consideration and I really should have."

Andre Fluellen

Considering Florida in addition to the schools he mentioned as visiting him this week, Fluellen says that he doesn't have a No. 1 team at the moment, but says Auburn's lack of depth at defensive tackle is a factor that draws him towards Auburn.

"I really don't have a leader right now," Fluellen says. "It's pretty much open. After this weekend I'll think about it hard and make a decision."

It has been no secret that Florida State has had their share of off the field problems in the last 12 months. Despite winning the ACC Championship once again and playing on New Year's Day, Fluellen says that his visit to see the Seminoles this weekend is all about seeing what's going on in Tallahassee.

"I'm kind of going down there to check it out," Fluellen says. "I just want to talk to a lot of the players to be honest. I want to know what's really going on and Florida State about their possible probation or whatever. If that's really a factor I don't want to have to deal with it really. I want to go down there and see what's happening."

A straightforward and honest participant in the recruiting game since the process began over the summer, Fluellen says that while he's ready for this part of his life to be over with he has enjoyed everything that has happened to him.

"It's really no big thing with me," Fluellen says of recruiting. "I've had a good time with it to be honest. I am kind of ready to go ahead and make the decision though."

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