Q And A With Auburn Commit LaDarius Owens

Auburn commitment LaDarius Owens talks about his play, the play of his team, and his thoughts on the Auburn-Tennessee game.

Auburn commitment LaDarius Owens and his teammates at Jess Lanier High are off to a blazing 6-0 start this season after a 26-7 win over Tuscaloosa County Friday night. Owens was awarded the player of the game for his efforts as he had two sacks, a safety, a numerous pressures in the win.

Saturday morning Owens and his mother made the trip to Knoxville for an unofficial visit to Tennessee for the Auburn game. Owens talks about his game, his season, and Saturday's game in the Q and A with Inside The Auburn Tigers.

ITAT: Talk about your game Friday night. Your team must have played really well to get the win.
Owens: "It was a game of high stakes. It was pretty much for first place in our region and ultimately probably the region championship. It was a big game against one of the teams we lost to last year. We knew we would have to play our A game. A lot of people didn't think we would win and we saw some predictions and that brought us even closer together.

"It gave us more determination. We jumped on them early defensively. We've come together the last couple of weeks. We've only allowed 13 points the last three weeks. We're getting better as a defense. It was nice to hold them to seven points. The offense put up 26 points so it was a great game."

ITAT: You had a good game Friday night and got honored for it. Talk about your play.
Owens: "I was pretty much in the quarterback's face all night. I had two sacks and had a safety one time. My uncle (James Owens) called me before the game and just told me to calm down and play like I'm the man, to play like I can't be stopped. I just kept that in mind. He said to play like that the rest of the season. It just was a great game. I came off the ball good and the coverage was good enough to give me time to get pressure. I also forced an interception. I had a couple of tackles in backfield. Overall I'm just proud of my teammates."

ITAT: Do you know what your stats are this season?
Owens: "I don't know what my stats are this year, but I think I'm averaging about two sacks a game."

ITAT: You made the trip to Knoxville Saturday night for the Auburn-Tennessee game. Talk about that experience and what you thought of the game.
Owens: "It was a great game. It was good for me to see Coach (Lance) Thompson and those guys again. We still keep in touch and he's a good guy. The game was great. I'm glad Auburn pulled it through even though people said it was going to be a great test for them. They passed the test. Hopefully they'll get some respect now. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season to see how they do."

ITAT: Talk about the start for Auburn this season. Are you surprised they are 5-0 and ranked 17th in the country?
Owens: "It's just showing people that this coaching staff is really making a big difference. Hopefully they'll see what a lot of us recruits are already seeing. You can tell we're real thin on defense. Hopefully we can keep the guys we have healthy and we can continue to make strides as a defense."

ITAT: Who does your team play this week?
Owens: "We play Northridge from Tuscaloosa this week."

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