UT acknowledges NCAA review

The University of Tennessee has acknowledged that its use of hostesses in football recruiting is being reviewed by the NCAA.

The review comes in the wake of a New York Times article alleging that members of the Orange Pride attended a high school football game and held up a sign urging prospects to "Come to Tennessee."

If true, this could constitute an NCAA recruiting violation, especially if the hostesses were acting with the knowledge of school officials.

Here is the UT statement in its entirety:

KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee confirms that there is an NCAA review under way. University Administration and Athletics are cooperating fully.

We are concerned about the alleged activities of some members of the Orange Pride. Both university and NCAA guidelines are a part of the Orange Pride's orientation and training. If those guidelines were violated, we will take appropriate action. Because of federal student privacy regulations, we can't comment further.

Orange Pride is one of three student admissions groups that serve as ambassadors for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Orange Pride's responsibilities include staffing university-wide admissions programs, providing campus tours, and hosting prospective student athletes and their families. There are 75 students, both men and women, in the group. These ambassadors interact with hundreds of students across the campus.

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