Auburn A-Day 2010: Quoting Gene Chizik

Comments from Auburn's head football coach, Gene Chizik are featured after the A-Day contest.

Auburn, Ala.--Comments from Auburn's Gene Chizik are featured following his team's A-Day spring football game.

"We wanted to see them block, throw and catch, that's really what we did. Overall it was productive. We'll go back and we'll grade the film and we'll see the things we did well and the things that we did bad. Overall, I think in day 14 of spring they're tired and they're beat up.

"We had a phenomenal crowd out there today. I just have to take my hat off to our fan base--incredible today. That was awesome and our kids loved it. They just showed their true Auburn pride today and that's what the Auburn family is about. I thought it was a great day."

(On quarterback Cameron Newton): "What we were going to do was rotate our quarterbacks accordingly, however that unfolded, it unfolded. Some guys threw more than others. Clint Moseley came in and threw a lot. Don't read into how much he threw or didn't throw, who played and who played with who. That just wasn't the case today. We had a rotation going and we just stayed with the rotation. Don't read anything into that."

(On big plays by the receivers) "I was fairly pleased. We need our receivers to get yards after the catch. In the passing game, we'll take our shots when we can take our shots. A lot of our passing game is a controlled passing game. In order for us to get explosive plays a lot of our passing offense will be after the catch. You saw Quindarius Carr have a couple nice plays after the catch and a couple of others guys did as well. That was pleasing to see.

"From the defensive perspective, we had to see how they were approaching it all and how they missed some of those tackles, but it's great to see wideouts make them miss."

(On the All-Decade team returning to Auburn) "Unbelievable. I'm so proud of our All-Decade team. They could've been anywhere they wanted to be this Saturday. A bunch are in the middle of training camps and different things going on, and they chose to be in Auburn, and I think that speaks volumes about how they feel about this place. Our fans loved it, I loved it. They were in the locker room with our players. It's just as good as it gets and I just really appreciate it."

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