Auburn, Others Offer Young Offensive Lineman

A report is featured with comments and a highlight video on heavily recruited football prospect Ty Darlington.

Apopka, Fla.--Ty Darlington is just starting to hit the summer football camp circuit, but already the scholarship offers are rolling in for the rising junior offensive lineman.

Auburn is one of a dozen colleges that have offered the class of 2012 prospect, who just returned home from a football camp at the University of Oklahoma.

Asked if he is excited about all of the early scholarship offers that have come from a variety of programs in major conferences across the country, Darlington says, "Yes, sir, it is a very big deal to me. It is very exciting."

Who was the initial college to offer Darlington a scholarship? "I believe Northwestern was the first to offer back in March," he recalls.

He plans to get plenty of exposure in front of college coaches this month. "I got back on Sunday night from Oklahoma," he says. "I am going to Georgia this Friday and Saturday.

"I am coming up to Auburn, too," he notes. "I was going to be there on June 13th, but instead I believe I will be going to a camp there on July 17th.

"I am going to Florida, too--I want to say next Monday," he says. "Then I am going to Florida State on the 17th of June."

Darlington says he enjoyed the Oklahoma camp. "It was great. I had a great time and I got to see all of the facilities and everything."

The 17-year-old notes that he measured in at 6-3, 261 pounds at the Sooners' camp. OU might turn out to be the college the others have to beat. "Oklahoma has always been my favorite school because my mom graduated from there and was on the pom squad and my entire family lives out there," Darlington says. "She says she is not pressuring me to go anywhere, but I know where she wants me to go."

His father, Rick, is a Stetson graduate who is Ty's head coach at Apopka High, where the prospect played tackle and guard last season as a sophomore.

"We run a lot of single wing stuff with an unbalanced line," Darlington says. "I played guard, which is like a puller most of the time because I can run pretty well. I have been a puller and I have also been the outside tackle. During spring practice I played center the entire time and it looks like I will be playing center in the fall."

Darlington notes that he has been playing football since he was a fourth grader when his dad was coaching in Valdosta, Ga. He also wrestles and previously played basketball, but has given up that sport.

Ty Darlington has played offense exclusively at Apopka High.

To say that Darlington is in good shape academically would be an understatement. Darlington notes that he is ranked third in his class at Apopka High School with a 4.82 grade point average.

"I have taken a lot of AP and honors classes," he explains on why his GPA is so high. "The only non honors class that I am going to be taking is my football weight class."

Darlington has plenty of time yet to figure out what he wants to major in as a college student. "I don't know yet what I am going to study in college," he says. "I have prayed about it and I have definitely thought a lot about it, but I haven't decided on anything yet."

Commenting on what he likes most about playing football, the prospect says, "I like the teamwork and all of the friends I get to have on the team. We say we have 60 brothers. That is about how many guys there usually are on the team all working for one common goal. I just love the camaraderie and working hard."

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