Camp Standout Nabs Offer From Auburn

Hoover wide receiver Jaylon Densen talks about getting an offer from the Auburn Tigers.

Hoover, Ala.--While he didn't get much of a chance to show what he could do last fall for the powerhouse Hoover Bucs, 6-2, 195 wide receiver Jaylon Densen made up for lost time on Saturday as his strong performance in Auburn's Senior Mini-Camp earned him an offer from the Tigers to make it a very successful day for the personable wideout.

"It went real good," Densen said. "I wound up getting a scholarship offer. It was kind of a surprise. I'm real excited about it. I came out and did my thing. I wound up getting what I went to get.

"The hard work definitely paid off," he added. "I don't know what I can say about it. I'm kind of taking it all in. It's a good feeling."

Playing behind a pair of receivers that signed last season in Maudrecas Humphrey (Arkansas) and Josh Magee (Southern Miss), Densen didn't get a chance to show much of what he could do on the field. He said this year he's looking forward to his chance to shine.

"I'm excited," Densen said. "I feel like I've waited for so long. Now it's my turn not so much to be a star, but to show what I've got. To show what I've been doing for so long. I think it will be fun."

When he takes the field this fall he'll do it as a player with an offer from the Auburn Tigers, something he said is still hard to believe considering the fact that he didn't have a single offer coming into the weekend. All it took was for the Auburn coaches to see him on the field though to end that quickly.

"They said they liked the way I competed," Densen said. "The way I got after it and fought for the ball. They said they want me on their team."

With the offer coming on board Densen said his decision may be coming pretty soon. With his mother and coach Josh Niblett with him on Saturday, he said they'll all be coming back on Monday to get a closer look at the campus. That could be the end of recruiting for Densen.

"I like everything about Auburn," Densen said. "The fact that they are a family oriented football team. The fact that they care about you and aren't going to leave you out to dry. I like that. I come from a good home and if I go there I feel like I'll have the same thing.

"I'm supposed to go back to Auburn on Monday to see the rest of the campus," Densen added. "Hopefully I'll make my decision then."

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