Q&A With Auburn Kicker Wes Byrum

Auburn football senior Wes Byrum answers questions on a variety of subjects in a question and answer session.

Auburn, Ala.--Senior kicker Wes Byrum is featured in a question and answer session with Jason Caldwell of Inside the Auburn Tigers.

Byrum has been a starter for the Tigers the past three seasons. Last year he set a school record for field goal accuracy making 15 of his 16 attempts.

Who is your favorite athlete? Who is the guy you would pay to watch in any sport?

"I would probably say LeBron James. I just like watching him play and his whole attitude and the swagger he has. Plus, he's an unbelievable athlete. There's nobody like him physically. It's just the way he plays. He plays hard and has that swagger to him. He's always out there joking around. That's pretty cool."

What is your favorite road trip? What stadium is your favorite?

"It was probably Tennessee last year. That was my first time playing there. Everybody had said how many people were going to be there and it's a big stadium. If the crowd gets into it sometimes it can be tough. I feel like we had the crowd out of it the whole time. It was just a fun game. We scored a lot. We were out there a lot. It was a fun game."

I thought you would have said Florida after kicking the game winner there as a freshman?

"That's old news though."

Who is your most talented teammate? Who is someone that comes to mind for you?

"Neil Caudle probably, just in terms of all-around talent. He's an athlete and he can do multiple things. I've played basketball with him and pool with him, played ping pong with him. He's pretty much all across the board. He's smart and does well in school. Across the board he's pretty talented. He's our Renaissance Man I guess."

Any significance to your number?

"Not really. I was 18 in high school. That was my number in high school and I just asked to keep it when I got to college. I just kind of stuck with it."

What is it about this coaching staff that enabled them to come in and everything kind of fall into place in one year?

"They just have a fire to them to be honest with you. I love the staff and how everything is going. They came in here and really had a zest to them.

"You could tell they came in here and were expecting us to do well right off the bat. The first meeting they came in and there was no rebuilding talk. They said there was nothing to rebuild. They said they planned on winning and want to win. They came in with that attitude and that was nice."

Wes Byrum

When you look at the schedule what is the one game you want to win more than any other?

"There are actually two to be honest with you. I'm not leaving Auburn losing all four years to LSU and Georgia. I haven't beaten them yet and I'm not leaving with that. I'll never win at their stadiums. There is no way I'm going to lose at home twice as well. Those are my two. Alabama is just a given. That's the game."

What is your favorite Auburn memory? When you think about Auburn right now what comes to mind for you?

"To be honest with you I would have to say the mission trip we went on to the Dominican Republic. I have never encountered or experienced anything like that before. It was a life-changing event. It just makes you think a lot differently about the things you have and the things I'm capable of doing and the opportunities I have before me. That would probably be the biggest thing for me because I never would have been able to do something like that if it wasn't for Auburn and Brother Chette (Williams) and the staff. That's probably one of the biggest things for me."

How special was it for you to talk to the people on your visit but also learn how well you have it here at home?

"It was unbelievable. I actually had a rough time when I came back. I was a little upset with myself for how much I took things for granted, simple things you don't even think of like clean running water. It was just an unbelievable experience. To go over there with the guys from the team and go through that with them, you originally go over there thinking you're going to help people out.

"When you come back you find out that you got more out of it than probably anything those little kids got from us. We played with them so I'm sure they thought it was cool, but I feel like I got so much more from those little kids than I could ever give to them."

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