Reed Getting Healthy, Expects To Play

Auburn freshman wide receiver Trovon Reed talks about his injury and getting ready for the season opener.

Auburn, Ala.--There is little question that wide receiver Trovon Reed captured the attention of the Auburn fan base as soon as he stepped foot on campus. A lightning quick athlete that was so smooth and tough to tackle that he was likened to a ghost in high school games, Reed showed up on the Plains and immediately put himself in position for playing time this fall.

That was until a minor knee injury set him back last week. Diving for a ball in practice, Reed fell on his knee and it caused him some pain. Held out of practice to finish last week and again on Sunday, the Louisiana native said as it continues to get better he's just working on the mental side of the game.

"It's just a little bone bruise," Reed said. "I will be alright. It wasn't anything major. It hurt but it wasn't major. I'll be fine. I just watched tonight so I got some mental reps. I was watching everything I'm supposed to be doing. That's the only thing that can get me better."

Working mostly with the first team behind starter Darvin Adams, Reed had moved into the playing rotation before being slowed with the injury. That has allowed sophomore Emory Blake to get the reps he's been missing and Reed knows it will make it tougher for him when he gets back on the field.

"It's tough because I'm in a situation where I've got a spot but it could be gone just like that," Reed said. "When you have something you don't want to lose it because of an injury. Everyone is battling for a spot. We're taking care of each other every day at practice. When you have something you want to keep it. I feel like by me being injured I lost it. I don't want it to be given back to me though. I want to work hard and earn it."

That's the attitude not only of Reed but the entire freshman class. Ranked among the nation's best by in 2010, Auburn's group of 30 players is focusing on proving they were deserving of such high praise.

"Everybody is expecting us to do a lot of things," Reed said. "Everybody has a big chip on their shoulder. Everybody has to play their role. Everybody is walking around amped up and getting ready. Coach Malzahn said just to be ready for Saturday so we've got to maintain."

While he's working to get back on the practice field, there is no question that when full speed Reed will be a part of Auburn's offensive plans. That could be this week or down the road but Reed said all he can do is just work and wait for his turn.

"I'm very excited but I'm not going to rush anything," Reed said. "I was taught that if you rush into things then bad stuff happens. I go by that motto. I'm not going to rush anything. I just have to know my role that coach Malzahn gives me and just play hard."

Just days away from his dream of playing major college football, it's not surprising that Reed is pumped up about the season opener Saturday night against Arkansas State. He said his excitement only intensified when he saw the way things changed on the practice field for the Tigers Sunday night.

"You can tell by the intensity at practice that it's game week," Reed said. "You can tell how the coaches are taking care of our legs. You can tell by how the players are taking care of each other. When an offensive player falls a defensive player picks him up and vice versa. In two-a-days it wasn't like that. It was like a game every day. Now we're taking care of each other because we need everyone to win. Like coach said we have no room for error. We've got to go out there every week with winning on our mind."

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