Bell Makes Seven for Ball State

Ball State and Head Coach Pete Lembo picked up their 7th verbal commitment for the Class of 2012 this past weekend.

Steven Bell visited Ball State and apparently liked what he saw - so much so, that the mammoth OT picked the Cardinals and Head Coach Pete Lembo as his college destination.

"I visited basically all the schools in the Mid-American Conference," Bell said. "And Ball State's campus was by far the best. Also, the coaches were really nice and made me feel the most welcome. Plus, they are very strong in the area I want to study, elementary education."

Bell, who at 6-6 295, plays OG in high school, but the Cardinals intend to use him as an OT.

"They are wanting me as a quick side OT, so I can use my athleticism," Bell said. "I play at guard in high school because I am athletic and in our offense we put the big, but slower guys on the outside so that the faster guys can do the pulling."

Bell chose the Cardinals over interest from programs like Kentucky, Eastern Michigan & Bowling Green. Bell also reports that he was given an offer by Cincinnati, but wasn't 100% on where he stood.

"I got a letter from them saying I had an offer," Bell said. "But when I visited, the coaches didn't act like they had offered."

With his decision out of the way, Bell can now focus solely on his senior season at Indian Hill - one that he hopes is a good one.

"We usually have 3 or 4 goals, but we haven't been as strong the past couple of seasons, so we dropped that back to one goal," Bell said. "And that one coach is to win our conference, and I think we will do that."

Stay to tuned to as we keep track of Bell's senior season.

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