Ball State adding Video Boards

Boards will benefit football, basketball and volleyball squads.

Ball State has announced that it will install jumbo high-definition video screens at Scheumann Stadium and Worthen Arena which will be an added experience for fans of Football, Men's & Women's Basketball and Volleyball.

Ball State said in a statement that the video boards will offer fans a chance to see replays, interviews, crowd shots, fan participation opportunities and special features before and during games. The video board and all subsequent content will be ran and produced by student as part of another Immersive Learning project for the University.

"This will mean a significantly enhanced, interactive experience for our fans," Ball State Director of Intercollegiate Athletics stated in the release. "At the level we're competing, this is the kind of amenity our fans expect. It's a very significant and important step we are taking. Our fans will be able to have the kind of in-stadium experience they are accustomed to when they go to watch National Football League games and other college games."

The screens, which will be leased from Dodd Technologies Inc. and its sister company ReelVideo Systems, will look permanent to the fan, but will actually be sophisticated portable units that will allow the University to switch out for new, technologically advanced units.

The screen at Scheumann Stadium will be approximately 33 feet wide by 18 feet tall, and it will cover the existing scoreboard. A new scoreboard will be installed to the side, replacing outdated advertising panels. At Worthen Arena, the screen will measure about 23 feet wide by 12 feet tall. A location for that screen is still being finalized.

Plans tentatively call for the Scheumann screen to be installed the week of Aug. 19, he says. The Worthen board will be put up a few days after the installation at Scheumann.

"Beyond what this will mean for fans and the educational opportunities it provides, this will absolutely help with our recruiting," Scholl said via the release.

When prospective student-athletes visit, they make comparisons, and they notice Scheumann and Worthen don't have video boards, says Scholl. "Recruits see amenities as a demonstration of commitment. We can do some things with video boards during visits to showcase our programs and show what we are all about. It absolutely makes a difference."

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