Billings Talks About First Offer

An electric and versatile WR picked up his first offer this week from Ball State.

Lance Billings got the news of his first scholarship offer directly from Ball State Offensive Coordinator Joey Lynch.

”I talked to my coach,” Billings said. “And he told me to contact Coach Lynch and that there’s good news. So, with that being said, I called and Coach Lynch and sure enough, he explained to me that they were offering me and why.”

Billings, a 5-11 165 WR from Lorain, OH (Clearview), knows what he Cardinal coaches are looking for in an offensive player.

”I know that they have a great football program,” Billings said. “And that on the offensive side of the ball, they are looking for big time difference makers.”

The versatile WR, who credits his explosiveness and hunger to win as factors that college coaches are looking at, is seeing his interest pick up as teams like Iowa, Toledo, Michigan and Ohio State have all been in contact recently. But for now, Billings is happy to get the icebreaking first offer in hand.

”It’s a great feeling,” Billings said of the first offer. “It is an eye opener for myself and for many others as well.”

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