Ball State: Signing Day Primer

Ball State will introduce its new recruiting class tomorrow. We are here to get you ready.

Tomorrow is a huge day for the Ball State football program and its fans – Signing Day 2016.

What to expect: As far as we have been able to put together – and baring any major surprises – the Ball State class will include 20 new players and 3 early enrolled players from December.

The Cardinals welcomed early entry players John Swisher (DT), Reggie McGee (LB/DE) and Chris Crumb (DT) back in December to start the class.

Included in the class that will sign tomorrow will be a 11 offensive players, 7 defensive players and two players that can play on either side of the ball.

Will there be any surprises? Doubtful at the best, there are a few names floating out there, but none seem likely to sign unexpectedly tomorrow. Those names are: Kiante Enis (RB, Winchester, IN) and DeAndre House (DB, Baltimore (Douglass).

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