Abrams visited Ball State for Junior Day

Ball State is the first visit for one of the top RB prospects in the Cleveland Area.

Gilmour Academy RB Jonathan Abrams wasn't very familiar with the Ball State football program until his visit on Junior Day, now he is a big fan.

"The visit was great," Abrams said. "I got to see the campus and really understand what Ball State football was really about. I got to talk to most of the coaches and they seemed very professional and passionate about what they do. They have a lot of passion for Ball State Football and that passion for the program even got into me on my first visit."

Aside from his experience with Head Coach Mike Neu and staff, Abrams had a lot of pleseant things to say about the school in general.

"I thought the campus was very nice, and it was designed well, on the plan of keeping everything relatively close," Abrams said. "The facilities were above average also. The football field was beautiful and I can't wait until the new indoor facility is completed. The Ball State campus was amazing in all, and the visit was very successful and amazing in all."

Abrams, a 6-0 200 RB, has yet to pick up any offers, but is lining up visits for the near future starting with Bowling Green. In the meantine, Abrams is just looking for a chance at the next level.

"I'm a very hard working and competitive kid," Abrams said. "I compete in everything I do and want to bring out the best in myself and my teammates and peers. I strive for greatness and I don't let my mistakes hold me back. I'm a team player and always looking for what I can do to make our team win. I'm passionate about everything I do, and I hate losing. I am a team leader and know how to bring out the best in those around me. I am very aggressive on the field and I have great natural instincts. I am strong, elusive, quick and fast on the field. I have great vision, and am patient in letting things develop on the offensive side of the ball. I am also not afraid of hard work. I am very coachable. I am able to take criticism and apply it in order to become a better player. I will bring high energy, great player, passion, and amazing work-ethic to any program I am apart of."

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