Young Group Has Talent, Lacks Experience

A Position by Position Breakdown of the Ball State Roster as it stands today

What We Saw: The Ball State Tight End Group has made great strides and we expect big things from this room. Despite having just two players who have seen the field and only 3 total receptions among them (all by one guy), the group is one chock full of talent and has a tremendous upside.

Ever since current Strength GA Zane Fakes graduate, Ball State has been looking for a TE to step up and make plays in the passing game. Unfortunately that has not happened, but that should change this year with as many as 5 different players bringing different talents and skill sets to the group.

The clear cut #1 of the group is R-So Danny Pinter. The 6-4 251 beast is the only player with any receptions in the TE group and showed that he is capable to being a major factor in the passing game this season. Pinter is an all-around TE that is not only a good receiver with strong hands and the ability to use his strength and body to out muscle defenders, he is also a solid blocker in the run game.

From there, each player has a different talent that will help them see the field in different situations. Some being out there more than others.

R-Fr Nolan Givan gives the Cardinals a solid receiving threat who will split out to the slot and also work as an H-Back. Givan, a former high school WR, has great athleticism and hands and will see considerable playing time this year.

Keidren Davis is a 6-4 245 R-Fr that is a great athlete and will factor into the passing game out of the traditional TE spot running traditional TE routes, but has the speed to stretch the field more so than Pinter.

The other player with returning experience is H-Back Kyle Schrank. The versatile Schrank (6-2 235) is able to be a factor in the passing game and will work out of the traditional set, H-Back and even as a FB from time to time. He was a solid high school receiving target and, despite having only a few balls thrown his way a year ago, should see more chances this season.

Finally there is Dylan Koch, the 6-4 220 R-Fr who is another traditional TE that already displays the ability to make plays in the passing game as a receiver. He is continuing to work on his body and get stronger so he can block better at the point of attack.

Projected Depth Chart:  Pinter is your #1 for sure, but after that any TE could see the field at any time and multiple TEs will surely be on the field in different formations.

What Happens When The New Class Arrives:  Nothing. No TEs were signed and there was no need. The group is young talented and just starting to scratch the surface of their talents as a group. All bring different skills and can do different things effectively so all will see playing time.

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