Weekly Q&A with Brady Hoke

Coming off of an exciting 34-31 overtime victory over Navy. Ball State head coach Brady Hoke answeres the media's questions about the victory and the Cardinals upcoming game with Nebraska.

Opening Statement from Brady Hoke

"A couple of things just to open up. We had a lot of good support at Navy. I want to give some kudos to five students who painted themselves up. I don't know who they were, but it got our fans fired up and that was kind of neat. This was a team win are offense, defense and special teams came up big when we needed them to. I thought offensively our production, time of posession and points scored were solid. Defensively getting the two turnovers were huge particularly the one at the beginning of overtime. Overall we didn't tackle as well as we would've liked to. There are some good things on the tape and somethings we need to improve on. Overall it was a great team win."

Q: How significant was this win for you personally?

A: "For me getting the win is not real significant. I think it's significant to our program that we went into a hostile environment and we stayed together. We knew that timing wise we would take some time getting defensively used to the mid line deception and we handled that pretty well but it was a great team effort and we expected to win. I think this win was great for the University. I think it's great for recruiting, all those things whenever you get positive publicity for your school and your program and the kids in your program I think that's obviously really positive. We gave them the day off on Sunday. We got back late. It was a physical game we knew it would be and we're going to play a really physical game this week. We'll meet today at 4 p.m. Obviously its nice to meet after a win but I think one thing about this group is they've cared about each other that's a big part of building a program."

Q: Can you talk to us about Brandon Crawford?

A: "I thought he played really hard and really well. I think it was a special game for him being a former marine. I thought he played very well and I think he's played really well all season. He's made a lot of positive progress."

Q: Coach you have won four road games in a row now on the road dating back to last season. How is that?

A: "I think in a lot of ways it's the environment that's created when you're playing away. I think our guys get excited playing in different venues and we've been fortunate enough to play in some awfully traditional and storied programs the last couple years."

Q: What do think is so special about this group so far?

A: "I think the senior class is a class of leaders, while the junior class is a class of guys that have taken a lot of snaps. You look at (Andre) Ramsey and guys like him on that side of the ball, Bryant Haines is playing a significant role, Trey Lewis and Darius Hill all understand how we want to operate as a team."

Q: How do you prepare yourself for a game as huge as Nebraska?

A: "How we prepare ourselves this week will be huge. They're a good football team and a lot of fun to watch. I think we've got to prepare and play our best. We need to play with great toughness and great effort in order to hang in there and hold our own."

Q: Is there significance in playing Michigan last year and Nebraska this year?

A: "I would say the only similarities are both national programs that we are playing. We're a different team as far as leadership this year and who's playing. I think this is going to be a louder venue (compared to The Big House), being how the stadium is built. They are pretty good fans as far as Nebraska football goes. I think it's very similar to Ohio State University, which is the loudest place I've ever been. I've been to Lincoln, Nebraska twice coaching it's a great atmosphere. I think it helps that the players have played in similar venues, Ramsey and Brewster starting their first college football games against Iowa at Iowa City against a really good Iowa team which helps. But it still comes back to how you prepare mentally and physically, and how you understand the game-plan and your execution on Saturday and not getting distracted by the different elements that are out there."

On Nebraska's quarterback (Keller) which Hoke recruited while coaching at Michigan

A: "He was very talented and threw the ball well. His dad was a player at Michigan. He has great genes and we thought he had a great arm. He seemed to have the ability to get out of trouble if he had to. He was a guy that we recruited very hard and he committed to us and he later changed his recruitment. Maybe he just felt more comfortable living on the west coast (Arizona State)."

On MiQuale starting.

A: "He has to be more detailed about the time he doesn't have the ball in his hands. He needs to have more of a sense of urgency as far as running the football. I thought there were some times he didn't cut and burst. He kind of just danced around." Q: Do you think the players feel as if they have a good shot of beating Nebraska?

A: "Why would you work as hard as you work 12 months a year and then walk in Saturday with visions of not winning. We're going to make sure our guys work hard today, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and be ready to walk in there Saturday."

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