It's official: Orsbon is a Cardinal

BallStateInsider was informed by Crestview, OH WR Briggs Orsbon that he would be playing for the Cardinals next season.

Ball State fans have one more thing to be thankful for this holiday season. Wednesday night, Crestview, OH WR Briggs Orsbon, made it official by selecting Ball State over several other programs from around the Mid American Conference.

"Just putting the word out that I made a verbal commitment to Ball State University on Wednesday night," Briggs said. "My parents and I have made a few trips down including an official visit.I saw the Central Michigan and Toledo games. Those visits gave me a good chance to really get to know everyone."

There are two major factors for Orsbon's selection of the Cardinals. One being the his comfort level with the Ball State coaches and what they expected of him next season and the second was hooking up with the Cardinals stud QB Nate Davis.

"BSU sat me down and explained right where things would be going for me; including the depth chart and the exact position I would be competing for," Briggs said. "This is one of the reasons that I had them so high on my list of schools, I guess it is just good to know what and when you will be doing for the team. I am really excited and looking forward to getting back to being a WR, and to get the opportunity to do this with Nate Davis. He is a great quarterback and is putting up big numbers. I really just like the coaches' styles and the way that they run things with the team on the field and in the classroom."

Orsbon admits that despite his hight comfort level with the Cardinals staff, he adopted a wait and see attitude as he waited on word from Big Ten schools such as Purdue.

"Honestly I could have committed to Ball State a month or two ago, but I was waiting to see if anything would ever come from all the talk I got from Purdue," he said. "I believe that it is just time that I take care of business on Ball State and my own end."

And as for the other schools that wanted Briggs' services.

"I talked with Bowling Green and Akron quite a bit as well, I just didn't get the same overall feeling," Briggs said. "I am very grateful to have the chance to meet and get to know all the coaches from the schools. This entire experience has been amazing and is something that I will never forget."

And one final exciting note from Briggs.

"I am currently getting details from the Wendy's Heisman," he said. "I was selected my school's male essay winner. While on their website submitting that I found where I could submit a video clip of "My Heisman Moment" I made it into the final 15 and from there I was selected as the male winner. I will be traveling to New York and attending the Heisman Selection in person!"

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