Ball State Class of '08: Torieal Gibson continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the forth of those 24 installments.

Torieal Gibson, 5-9, 165 WR, Cleveland, OH (Glenville)

What he brings: Torieal is a quick receiver that catches effectively with his hands. He is not afraid of going over the middle despite his small stature. This fits in well with Ball State's offense as we see a lot of short crossing patterns ran. Gibson is a good route runner from what I have seen on film and possesses the quickness to catch the short pass and make things happen with the ball in his hands. Not a true burner, Gibson will rely on quick, short routes as well and finding seems and holes in zone coverage where he can hide and get lost by the defense. Don't let his size and top end speed fool you though, as I can see him used to run the occasional reverse thanks to his initial quickness and burst that will help him get to the edge. Gibson comes from one of the best talent producing high schools in the country in Glenville and the coaching he has received to this point in his career from Ted Ginn Sr. shines through brightly.

Areas of improvement: Blocking. One area that almost every prep wide receiver lacks when transitioning into a college program is blocking down field. Gibson will most certainly have to hone his craft at this particular part of playing the WR position. Also, given his small stature, Gibson will probably be asked to put on at least 5-10 lbs to ensure his ability to handle the rigors of playing big time college football and also to help aide him in blocking as well as making plays against stronger DBs. grade: Slot WR with the skills to be a very effective one. Look for short to intermediate routes with a lot of yards after the catch for Mr. Gibson

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