Ball State Class of '08: Scott Kovanda continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the ninth of those 24 installments.

Scott Kovanda, 6-3 190 P, Detroit (Catholic Central)

What he brings: Well, he is a darn good punter. I'm not a great judge of punting talent, but I guess if can rank you as the No. 8 punter in the nation, then you must be pretty darn good. Watching his film, you can see that he has a powerful leg with good extension and whip action. He can boot the ball 50+ yards in the air already. He also displays a deft touch that most high school punters don't have. He has the ability to pin opponents deep in their territory as well as pinning an opposing return man close to the sideline limiting his returning area.

Areas of improvement: I guess, just keep doing what your doing and continue to develop. I would assume from what I have seen and read of Scott that the future is bright for this young man. He has a legitimate NFL caliber leg. He must just continue to hone his craft and become another in a long line of great punters at Ball State. grade: If everything goes as planned, he will be not only an All-MAC caliber performer, but potentially a future NFL special teamer.

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