Ball State Class of '08: Cameron Lowry continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the tenth of those 24 installments.

Cameron Lowry, 6-6 255, OL, Indianapolis (Pike)

What he brings: Footwork and athleticism. Lowry has long arms and can move very well for a 255 guy. From what I can see on film, it looks as though an extra 40 pounds will not hamper this ability. Lowry shows flashes of great footwork in pass protection, but you don't see it much because his high school did not throw a lot. But you can tell that the fundamentals are there and that with more coaching he will be able to get better. Lowry is another recruit that comes from both a solid high school program and great genetics. Lowry played for that Class 5A (largest school) state runner up in Indiana last season and his father was an OL for the Indianapolis Colts in the 1990s. Lowry is also a solid student, so his ability to pickup the new concepts he will be taught in the Cardinals zone scheme.

Areas of improvement: Size and mentality. Cameron is currently only 255-260 pounds, so a redshirt year is a definite. He will have to pack on at least 20 lbs in order to play at the major college level. Cameron certainly has the skill set to play and succeed at this level, but he will have to develop more of a nasty streak to his game in order to reach his full potential as well. grade: Cameron is no doubt a future starter for the Cardinals, but how far he goes with his talent will depend on his development.

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