Ball State Class of '08: Adam Morris continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the thirteenth of those 24 installments.

Adam Morris, 6-0 305 NT, Dublin, OH (Scioto)

What he brings: Size, quickness, stoutness. "Mid-major" programs, as the media has branded teams like Ball State, often struggle to find capable NT. Most players at these positions are either too small, too slow, too fat or all the above to be a major force. Teams either rely on a smaller, quicker NT to work angles and penetrate, or a larger, plodding, road block that has little lateral quickness, but can stand his ground against a double. Morris probably is more of the former than latter. Morris is smallish (6-0), but has the weight to be effective to hold up and possibly demand a double team. Morris' best attribute though, is probably his get off and quickness. He attacks the C and OG and can work angles and get penetration to get in the back field and is effective against the run. He has good hands and can work off a block and corral a runner with one arm. Morris also looks to be slightly longer armed than a typical 6-0er.

Areas of improvement: Pass rush skills, getting stronger/leaner. Morris is a big, stout young man, but he played last season at around 285 and is now reportedly over 300. I would assume that the Ball State staff would rather see Adam somewhere in the neighborhood of 290-295. The decreased weight will help with his quickness and footwork but also his stamina. Also, getting in a college weight room will also build up his already strong body and will help him greatly in the trenches against larger OLs. Morris is pretty typical in that his only real pass rush move is to either make the lineman across from him whiff with his quickness, or to flat out bull rush. So the development of a few more basic pass rush skills will help Morris get in the backfield more to attack QBs and wreck havoc on RBs. grade: Morris has to lose some weight, that is a must in order to play for Coach Hoke and his defense which is built for speed and not overly big. If Morris can shed the pounds and perfect a pass rush technique or two, look out, he could be a true force in the middle.

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