Ball State Class of '08: Briggs Orsbon continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the fourteenth of those 24 installments.

Briggs Orsbon, 6-0 185 WR, Convoy, OH (Crestview)

What he brings: Talent and overall athleticism. Briggs is a player. You see it everywhere on film. He just knows how to get things done. He mostly played QB in high school, so the ball was in his hands often, and when it was, good things typically happened. Briggs isn't overly big (6-0 185) as a WR, but he does have good speed, above average quickness and the ability to make people miss and get yardage even after contact. Briggs did the majority of his damage in high school on the ground, so you got to see a lot of what Briggs can do in space, but it is also hard to project him as a WR since he rarely played there the past 2 season.

Areas of improvement: Route running, blocking, learning to play a new position. It has been since his sophomore year in high school that Briggs has had to do any of these things, so the learning curve will be tremendous. Briggs certainly has the game and athleticism to make a smooth transition. He displayed good hands as a DB in high school and should have no problems receiving. Where he may have troubles will be with route running, which is typically something that prep WRs need work on in college any way. Also, blocking, Briggs will be counted on in the Cardinals offense to do some work as a down field blocker, and since he hasn't played a lot without the ball in his hands, he will definitely have to learn a lot here. grade: It is funny, Briggs has the most to learn of any player in the class, but he might be called on first for duty. He is learning basically from scratch, a new position, but given his talent, he should excel. He will almost certainly fill in temporarily behind Dante Love as the multi-tool WR before taking the reigns of his position after Love (who too was a prep QB) graduates. I see the makings of another stellar career with the ability to All-MAC.

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