Ball State Class of '08: Kelly Page continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the fifteenth of those 24 installments.

Kelly Page, 6-3 210 QB, Sunnyvale, TX (Mesquite)

What he brings: Quick release, accuracy & arm strength. Kelly played in the spread option and most of his throws were very quick reads. His time in the pocket was limited by his ability to rapid fire balls on short moves to his receivers. Judging from the film, Kelly was deft at hitting the correct man, not just throwing to one particular WR. Kelly also showed the ability to put a lot of zip on those short throws. He was able to hit his receiver even when it seemed the DB knew the ball was coming. Kelly also excelled at throwing the deep ball with accuracy. His High School didn't throw a lot of deep balls, but when he was given the opportunity, he seemed to excel. Page also showed good maneuverability and the ability to carry the ball in the option; although he probably won't be called on to do much running at Ball State.

Areas of improvement: Drop back, learning to make all of the throws. Kelly comes into Ball State in much the same shape as Nate Davis, both played in a shotgun only offense, so Kelly has neither had to take many snaps from under center nor had to worry too much about 3 and 5 step drops. Kelly relied on getting the ball, moving his feet into position and delivering in high school, so know he must show he can take a drop and still set and throw. I have heard that he excelled at this in camps prior to his senior season, so I assume he will pick this facet up quickly. Also, Kelly must learn to make all the throws that he will be called upon to make in the Cardinals wide open passing attack. Most of his prep throws were short comeback and curl routes. He will have to add the ability to put touch on his crossing pattern along with hitting his guy in stride on wheel routes and even on deep throws. grade: Kelly should evolve into a QB that can continue the Cardinals success under Nate Davis, although he does not have the tools Nate possesses, it is not out of reason that Kelly can post great numbers and certainly be an All-MAC caliber player.

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