Ball State Class of '08: Blaine Schafer continues to highlight each player in the class of 2008 and doing a brief scouting report on each of the 24 players in the class (21 new players signed and 3 greyshirts). Today we have the sixteenth of those 24 installments.

Blaine Schafer, 6-6 295 OT, Plymouth, IN (Plymouth)

What he brings: Size, long arms, big body, and a tremendous upside. Blaine Schafer is huge. At 6-6 295, he has a body that looks ready to play at this level. Blaine has long arms and his body projects very well as an OT at the division 1A level. Blaine was coveted by MAC schools and you can see why on film. He is big, bulky, moves his feet very well and manhandled high schoolers last year. He didn't play at the highest level of competition, but he definitely showed flashes of the upside that had schools drooling.

Areas of improvement: Adjustment to the speed of the game and the toughness of NCAA football. Being the biggest, strongest guy on the field, it has probably been pretty easy for Blaine to dominate up to this point. When you are 6-6, 295 and have even a slim amount of talent, you can dominate in high school football just because of your size. But that next step up is a doozie. I am sure Blaine understands this. He will be lining up against, bigger, faster and stronger men than he has faced to this point, so there will be some adjustment there for sure. With that adjustment comes also the toughness you need to play this level. I can't tell from film just how tough Blaine is and it is hard to gauge that especially when you are the biggest guy on the field and things come so easily. But it is certainly going to take a little step up in that area in order for Blaine to make a steady impact at the next level. grade: Blaine can be special. He has good solid foundation of tools and size. You can't teach 6-6 295. A year of redshirting and in the weight room and under the tutelage of Ball State OLine coach John Powers should prove very rewarding for Blaine. I think he potentially has the upside to dominate the MAC.

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