Local Product has Ball State's attention

Yorktown High School isn't known as a hot bed of football talent, but Ball State has their eyes fixed on one of the school's brightest stars.

Wes Winkle is a 6-3 175 WR who has had solid seasons each of the last two years for the Indiana Class 3A Yorktown Tigers. And according to his high school coach, Mike Wilhelm, Ball State has interest in the senior to be. "Yes, Ball State is interested," Wilhelm said. "As are most of the MAC and a lot schools throughout the Midwest." It has been several years since Ball State has tapped the local market of Yorktown (the school that Ball State Head Coach Brady Hoke got his start as a coach) for talent. While the Cardinals have signed many a player from local schools Muncie Central and Delta, the last Cardinal player from the school was RB Jason Teeters in the late 1990's, but that is not stopping Ball State from keeping an eye on the school's talent pool. Winkle doesn't have any offers yet, but he hopes to remedy that by hitting the camp circuit this summer. "He will be attending Ball State and Louisville," Wilhelm said. "As well as others." Not only is Winkle a solid football player, but he excels in other areas too according to Wilhelm. "Wes is an excellent kid. He plays three sports—football, basketball, and baseball. Wes is a natural athlete and a playmaker. And he is a good student." Stay tuned to BallStateInsider.com as Wes's senior season unfolds.

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