Mershman likes Ball State

Aaron Mershman has been hitting the weight room and the camp circuit both hard this summer with hopes of landing offers. His travels have given his an opportunity to see several schools and get a good idea of where he would like to go if he gets offered.

Aaron Mershman has been working hard this summer with hopes of getting offers from Division 1 schools. Mershman told me that he has bulked up to 6-2 200 and is working vigorously on his agility all while conditioning 3 days a week and camping at 1 day camps across the Midwest and even into the southeast.

"I am going to or have been to 9 MAC schools: Toledo, Ball State, Miami, Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Akron," Mershman said. "As well as Cincinnati, North Carolina State, and Vanderbilt. I was at Ball State and it was by far my best camp so far."

Although he holds no current offers, Ball State is definitely a school he is hoping to hear from.

"After my camp on June 8th and my subsequent visit that following Thursday put Ball State into my top two with Central Michigan, If not into the number one spot," Mershman said. "I was surprised at the campus, and Coach (Ball State Head Coach Brady) Hoke is a players Coach, I was really sold on him. Coach (quaterbacks Coach and Offensive Coordinator Stan) Parrish is also a great guy and a coach that I would love to learn the game from.

"Ball State was a great experience the Coaching staff including Coach (special teams coordinator Ed) Stults who is my area recruiter were great. I spent about an hour with both Coach Parrish and Coach Hoke each. Each had their on style and each impressed me a lot. I think Ball State would be a very good home for me. The facilities there are great, and with additions that are going to be made to the offices - Ball State, I believe, is headed in the right direction."

With interest from Ball State, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Akron and NC State, what will be the factors that help Aaron choose where to attend college?

"There are a lot of factors that weigh in," Aaron said. "Obviously I want to be in a winning program, with great facilities, who doesn't right? However at the end of the day the Coaching Staff and what they believe in will weight the heaviest. I'm looking for a program that won't cut corners. I want to be trained in all three Categories of life - Physically, Mentally, as well as Spiritually. I think that is what will be my deciding factor. What college will make me the best man I can be when I leave?"

Stay tuned to as we track Aaron's recruiting and senior season.

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