Q&A with Cardinals Coach Brady Hoke

Ball State Head Football Coach Brady Hoke answered media questions during his weekly press conference leading up to Ball State's opening game versus Northeastern.

Opening Statement:

"We have had a very good fall camp up to this point. I am very pleased with the progress we have made with some of our young players. I am pleased with the leadership of our seniors and what they have done. I am pleased with the point of emphasis that we identified as a staff in our kicking game. We have worked defensively on being more athletic and playing with a purpose. I think offensively the development on our running backs and depth in the offensive line has been a big plus. Our freshmen have done a nice job of fitting into the mix of what we are trying to get done as a team. With that being said, we are focused on the 28th and what needs to be done on that evening. Northeastern is a tough and gritty football team. They are very well coached and they play with a lot of aggression. They will be a team we will have to prepare for and play our best football.


Q: Trey Buice's progress in fall camp to get the starting position?

A: "He was more productive and gave us more of a physical presence. I was proud of Trey and how he camp back from surgery after missing spring football. He is doing a tremendous job."

Q: What will Trey Lewis' role be this season?

A: "We are using Trey in two different capacities. It is nice to have someone who has played as much football as he has and it is nice to have someone who can play versatile positions."

Q: On listing three wide receivers on the depth chart?

A: "We do so many different things with our formations and personnel groups. If that is what we start with in our first play, I can't tell you that but that is the way we have listed it."

Q: The development of Daniel Ifft and Myles Trempe as wide receivers?

A: "They both have made good strides. I think Danny is a little more ahead of Myles. I think both of them will play a lot of football for us. Both will be great receivers for us. Danny is a guy who has excellent hands and isn't afraid of making a mistake."

Q: How do you think Briggs Orsbon and Toriel Gibson play into the wide receiver position?

A: "They will both fit in. I think Briggs is more ready than Gibson, but where and how much they will play is still to be determined. Obviously you want depth at that position so you want guys playing early as much as they can. Briggs is not like most freshmen. We have had guys through the years that have carried themselves a certain way. He is a very good learner and understands the concept of the game. He has a maturity factor physically and mentally."

Q: Tell us what you expect from Northeastern?

A: "Northeastern is a hard tough gritty football team. It is going to be a dog fight. They have some talented guys who have played a lot of football. Their tight ends can block and run. Their quarterback is a very talented player and we will have to be there defensively to stop him."

Q: Chris Clancy is listed as the third tight end on the Ball State depth chart, talk about his move from H-Back.

A: "Clancy can do so many different things; he can catch the ball well in the backfield if we use him as an H-Back. He can block at the point of attack. He runs great routes. He is a guy obviously who runs the ball well. He had a very good fall camp and he is a senior and his last season is important to him."

Q: Do you think our team will go as far as the offense can take it or the defense?

A: "It will go as far as our team will take it which includes our managers, our trainers, our doctors and our sports information director. It is a team game. It is all of us. That is what I believe and the team believes."

Q: Talk about the leadership of Ball State's 84th football team?

A: "We voted on captains last night and Dan Gerberry will represent the offense for the second year in a row. I think that is a great testament to Dan and how he handles himself on a daily basis. Brandon Crawford will represent us defensively. I don't think you could ask for two more stable mature guys who are about Ball State and this football program. We are very pleased and I do believe it is the greatest honor a guy could get to be chosen by his teammates as a captain."

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