Ball State Football Q&A

Ball State Head Football Coach Brady Hoke answers media questions prior to the Ball State/Navy game on Friday.

Opening Statement:

"Thank you for coming this is obviously a holiday weekend which looks like the media doesn't have holidays and neither do coaches. Just a couple of things to recap the other night before we go and talk about Navy, I thought the kids did a nice job. They took the game very seriously. I thought there was great execution obviously when you look at the offensive side of the ball. I didn't like particular how we didn't keep the sticks moving late in the first half on the offensive side. I thought we had some other opportunities to put another touchdown on the scoreboard. The other critical issue to us was they had a 16-point drive in there against our defense although they came out with no points but that is a long time to be out on the field for our defense. We were on the field 48 plays defensively. That is a lot of defense which you can get tired easily in games like that and we didn't get off the field as well as I would liked us too have. On the positive side our goal was to keep them under a 100 yards rushing and we accomplished that goal. The last drive of the first half was something we were not pleased with, but a lot of guys got to play and that was something we were very pleased with. "

Coach Hoke on Navy:

Navy is a tremendous football team. If you had the opportunity to watch them yesterday, I watched their football team and Shun White broke an NCAA record which was good for them. Jarod Bryant played at the quarterback position; their number one guy has pulled a hamstring. Both quarterbacks function very well in their offense. Defensively I was impressed with the speed that they played with yesterday. The precision of which they play and how they play offensively and their demeanor in their everyday lives is something they carry onto the field.

Q: How are you preparing for the game?

A: In the course of the game they are going to see if you are cheating so we started with the play action part of their game because those are the type of plays that can be devastating to a team.

Q: Is this team similar to the team we saw last year?

A: Yes, they are going to do what they do because they do it well. This is a team that has been to bowl games. The head coach has been there for seven or eight years and does a great job of getting them to execute. They are a very physical and play with great precision.

Q: You seemed to have missed a lot of tackles last year? Why is that?

A: We were on the ground an awful lot but I don't know about missing tackles. But within their offense and how they block they know how to get you on the ground.

Q: What do you expect to see on Friday?

A: I can't guess and I won't guess. We got to get ready for their offense.

Q: How have you seen Brandon Crawford grow over the last year?

A: He had been out of football for a long time. It just takes time and with time comes confidence. And you've got to play this game with confidence and do everything in life with confidence and I think he has done that. I think he has gotten better and better every week. He made a pivotal play last year to help the team win. He has great character and that game last year had special meaning to him due to the fact that he was in the service.

Q: Is Dante Love the go to guy?

A: He is definitely a pretty talented young man. You want to give the ball to a guy that has talent. It is one of the things that we want to do.

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